How to make Best use of Cardiology EHR?

There are many electronic medical record choices in the market today. But there are only very few vendors who are capable of building a perfect cardiology software, keeping in mind all the needs of cardiologists. A cardiology EHR is all-in-one solution, that not only improves efficiency of a cardiology practice, but also manages referrals and quality measures. Read more ›

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What does “Value” in Value-Based Care mean?

Over past few years, the future of value-based care has been uncertain. The challenges of lowering – costs and improving healthcare quality may lead payers to consider the use of captivated payments as part of their value-based payment model strategies.

The captivated payments are prearranged payments for healthcare providers to deliver services on a per member per month basis. Thereafter the providers are paid a set amount for each patient. It seems to be an extreme strategy for cutting costs, but fixed payments offer significant benefits to payers. Read more ›

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Why unlock the power of Blockchain?

Blockchain has taken not an only healthcare system, but banking and industrial sectors too by storm! Healthcare is drowning in data – clinical trials, medical records etc., scattering a lot of information all over the place. One of the best features of blockchain is ‘decentralization’ – keeping a large amount of data in small units. Read more ›

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Are Analytics becoming vital for Revenue Cycle Management?

The revenue cycle management is continuously evolving over the years to keep up the pace with changes in the healthcare industry. More technology solutions emerge to address value-based payment models and the revenue cycle management services is becoming more important as there is rise in popularity of high deductible health plans. Read more ›

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Telemedicine – Creating Positive Impact in Healthcare

Numerous healthcare organizations have opened their doors for telehealth, as it is benefiting to both patients and their providers. Telehealth has helped to expand and improve access to most of the healthcare services. The biggest advantage of telehealth services is that it provides easy access to on-demand care. The patients do not have to drive for hours to reach the nearest hospital or specialists as telehealth services have brought rural communities quite close. Read more ›

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How to Simplify Chronic Care Management?

Chronic Care Management is considered as a critical component of primary care by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid services. There is an increase in the amount of chronic diseases across the globe. Chronic care management has assisted healthcare teams to demonstrate effective and relevant solutions to this growing challenge. Currently, in the healthcare system it is difficult to prevent the diseases completely. CCM assists all the providers in demonstrating effective and relevant solutions to this growing challenge. Read more ›

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Practice Management Software Helps Your Practice To Stay More Organized

Providers may ask what difference can a healthcare practice management software make in their practice. The healthcare system is quite complex and is constantly advancing. The more complex it becomes, the harder it becomes to stay organized and productive. Read more ›

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How to Improve Outcomes with Population Health?

The population health is not just a measurement of health outcomes but also the pattern of determinants. The determinants include medical care, public health interventions, and genetics. There is a focus on the conditions and factors that are correlated with each other and also influence the health of populations over the life course. It applies the knowledge to develop and implement policies and strategies to improve the health of the populations, after identifying systematic variations in their patterns of occurrence. Read more ›

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How Value-Based Care is affecting Interoperability Today?

The EHRs is made of series of disparate systems built in silos that are suddenly being asked to work together for the good patient care. And the ability of different information systems and software applications to communicate, exchange data and use the information exchanged is interoperability. The practices want to achieve full interoperability and pave the way for the future learning health system. Read more ›

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Is Telehealth a Win-Win for both – Providers and Patients?

Telehealth more broadly is defined as any electronic exchange of health information. Enabling more efficient care models, Telehealth has not only expanded and improved access to healthcare services, but also increased patient engagement. A growing number of healthcare organizations have embraced Telehealth because of the benefits it provides to patients and providers. Read more ›

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