Streamline your administrative and financial processes with effective Practice Management Software

Besides taking vital care of the patients, medical facilities have to deal with some crucial tasks on regular basis. Administrative and financial processes are considered as the crucial jobs that demands perfection in order to maintain the required stability in the health care facility. Read more ›

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ePrescribing Made Better, Faster, and Safer for iPad EHR

Medications have always been the centriole of the health electronic health record system. Providers are increasingly practicing caution in prescribing the right medicine in the right dose to their patients. Medication errors due to incorrect dose, route, or medication may be fatal to the life of the patient. Recognizing the mounting numbers of medication errors and the complex repository of drugs, iPatientCare upgraded its iPad EHR app with improved functionalities for ePrescribing. This change, brought in for providers looking for advanced electronic prescriptions, will speed up the workflow for each physician using it. Read more ›

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Patient Kiosk – Empower your Patients for Easy Check-In

Transformations in healthcare industry can make delivery of care more effective and efficient. With the integration and implementation of improved health care technologies can enhance the level of patient care. With the constant increase in the number of patients per health care facility, it has become critical to adopt the ultra-modern technical services to streamline the complete patient registration, admission, transfer, and discharge procedures. Thus, to deal with the vital concerns of the health care industry, the healthcare experts have come up with solution named Patient Kiosk. Read more ›

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Reasons behind Setbacks in EHR Implementations

Post the active adoption of EHR, owing to the lucrative incentives offered through Meaningful Use, there is an air of positivity regarding the healthcare system. However, effective implementation of EHR is essential to strengthen the overall healthcare sector. A number of hospitals, across the US, are striving to cross this arduous path of transforming, from a pure paper-based healthcare, into a virtual practice, through EHR. Whilst there are organizations that learned tough lessons amid their journey, there are others who are yet to adopt EHR for ensuring practice efficiency and adhering to government regulations. Read more ›

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Avoid Penalties, Achieve Meaningful Use in 2014!

The next Meaningful Use (MU) reporting period starts on July 1st, which means your practice has just one week left to prepare. Would you like to learn how your practice can meet Meaningful Use requirements without adding to your current workload? Read more ›

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CMS has added New PQRS Frequently Asked Questions

To keep you updated with information on the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS), CMS has recently added three new FAQs to the website. Review these FAQs to learn more about PQRS EHR reporting, Adult Treatment Panel clinical guidelines, and Joint National Committee clinical guidelines. Read more ›

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Wisely choose your EHR, select high performance EHR for high performance practice!

iPatientCare EHR is a powerful Electronic Health Record system that comes packed with features that help doctors, their practices, and most importantly their patients get improved healthcare outcomes. This one stop solution designed by the Providers, for the providers – ensures impeccable workflow at any providers’ office. Read more ›

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PQRS exemption, Qualify for 2014 incentive and avoid 2016 Penalty

For practices not currently participating in the Medicare Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS), another Medicare penalty is looming. Take action now to sign up to prevent it. Read more ›

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Secure Messaging for Transition of Care to Ensure Your Compliance to Meaningful Use Stage 2

The digitalization of data increased the opportunities to involve patients in their health care. Though, standard email runs the risk of violating HIPAA policies unless it is encrypted. By utilizing Direct Secure Messaging, patients and staff alike can experience all the benefits of using email, but in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

What is Direct? Quick Overview Read more ›

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A Complete iPad EHR App for Your Practice, Download Now from the App Store!

iPatientCare iPad EHR App on the native Apple platform is one of the most capable iOS based healthcare solutions for the physicians and other healthcare providers seeking solutions that work natively on iPad and iPhone. Most EHR solutions available on iPad work through Safari or a browser. Only a few are actually designed to work on native iOS to provide those familiar gestures and point-and-tap user interface of Apple tablets and smart devices. Among the ones which are available today, most provided very limited capabilities on iPad. However, iPatientCare is a clear departure from such first generation EHR. It is clearly a significant improvement and can easily be identified as an EHR for the GenNext! Read more ›

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