Estimate Patient Expected Out-of-Pocket Responsibility

It’s nearly 75% of provider organizations bad debt are reported from outstanding patient balances. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act plans, high deductible and larger co-pay’s continues to soar patient financial responsibilities.

Ground Reality: A larger portion of patient’s walks out of the provider’s office without paying a dime. This trend is soaring on the higher side because of inability to determine what you can collect. Co-payments are a given sure shot, but will your payer contracts allow you to capture coinsurance and unmet deductibles? Read more ›

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PQRS 2016 – It’s Time to Report For Quality Strategy You Have Followed Throughout the Year 2016

The time has arrived when healthcare centres have to report the quality strategy that was followed throughout the year 2016! Medical practices are concerned with several responsibilities that are regulated with such strategies that could develop certain issues.

The healthcare centres constantly strive for improving their healthcare quality. The healthcare standards and services need to meet the CMS’s quality thresholds. PQRS can be an initiative for healthcare quality improvement. Read more ›

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EHR Interoperability in Modern Healthcare – Must to Achieve Technology for Better Health Services

Enhancing the skills of communication is imperial for any organization and when it is a healthcare organization, the ability, and proficiency of communication must be dignified and well versed.

Any complex healthcare system would require varying EHR-Electronic Health Record products as in general a single EHR may not fit for all. The healthcare organization requires realizing their full potential which can be done effectively by EHR interoperability. Read more ›

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How Care Management Platform Helps You Work Smarter and Saves You Money?

It is imperial to create an effective strategy and plan for any entity or organization! When the organization is related to care, then the imperativeness grows high. The organization needs to make sure about the management strategy so that the staffs employed under the organization would witness safe and secured management in an effective way. Read more ›

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Why Quality Improvement in Healthcare is Important?

Healthcare, safety, efficiency and equitability are few of the concerned facts which every human must remain aware about. With the improvement of technology and science, improving quality in healthcare has become important.

The institutions dedicated to medical practices need to give high effort for healthcare services. Implying specialized methods for healthcare settings, the doctor office need to stream measurable improvement in the quality of healthcare services.

Read more ›

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miGlass – A Google Glass Health App Toward Wearable Health Technology

Google Glass is an amazing concept. It’s soon going to be like a must-have for the practitioners in coming days. Google Glass, a flexible metallic visual head-mounted device is already being used by more than 500 practitioners in about thirty states, for live consulting the patients.

Read more ›

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Why to Choose Integrated Practice Management Software?

Certain medical practices in modern times have been found to be altering different tools. However, such ideas have turned to be hectic, especially while meeting the challenging work schedule.

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MACRA – Does It Ease Your Practice Work?

Independent private medical practices are getting closed, several experienced physicians are retiring and the medical schools offer insufficient seats for medical graduates- all these changes have impacted the primary care practices. But the new proposal by MACRA promises to decimate the private practice physician.

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How Cloud Based EHR Offers Greater Data Protection?

The instances of medical data breach are getting higher. Though the threats of cyber-attacks have been there always, across all departments, it is getting tougher in case of the medical data. It is important to understand that a patient’s detail can deliver the hacker in millions. They hack the patient records and demand ransom.

In fact, the therapists never mind paying those amounts, despite all that serious awareness. There are so many instances one can take into account. In short, threats of such have been always there for any practitioner.

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PQRS Reporting Registry: What to Check before PQRS Reporting 2016

Every New Year comes with certain hopes and possibilities. Similar is the case with the reporting systems. Talking about PQRS (Physician Quality Reporting System), the year 2016 has undoubtedly brought some noteworthy changes, which are like must-knows. Read more ›

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