How HIPAA Compliant Electronic Health Record System Helps You Keep Safe From Cyber Attacks?

HIPAA Compliance can be absolutely effective to stay away of unwanted fines. More than that, it can keep you at a much-assured side from a cyber-attack point of views. It is important to understand that a patient’s detail can be million-dollar thing for illegal cyber criminals or hackers. Read more ›

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Can Healthcare Billing Solutions Aid To Improve Health Services?

Medical billing might be a transparent process, but, it’s a way lot perplexing in many occasions. Especially, there are so many extra steps associated with such systems that one demands extra seriousness. It has no doubt turned to be more demanding for the therapists and chemists in most of the occasions, especially in relation to the regulatory affairs. Read more ›

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How Health Information Systems and EHR Interoperability are interconnected?

The relation between Health information system and EHR interoperability is one of the most talked subjects at present in the health arena. Health information systems have played a crucial role in support of the integrated therapy.

The health information system provides the much crucial assist to the therapists regarding decision making. Health information system gathers data from the health sector and other concerned sectors. It then goes for analyzing the collected data.

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PQRS Reporting 2016: What You Need to Be Familiar With

PQRS or Physician Quality Reporting System 2016 is a health care quality improvement incentive program by the CMS, which is an exemplary ‘Pay for Performance’ program. The PQRS 2016 can be better understood by the individual EPs and PQRS group practices, of all knowledge level upon being familiar with the following aspects.

Especially, the 2016 Beginner Reporter Toolkit, a fresher level toolkit does have a couple of documents for the better reference of individual EPs and PQRS group practices, regarding the different PQRS decision terms and the effect of quality reporting.

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How Interoperability in Healthcare Plays a Vital Role in Better Outcomes

Interoperability might be felt like creating helpless situations for the social organizations, especially it being focussed more with better customer support. Though each industry that has certain link with social service is affected in some way, the effects of interoperability are comparatively more evident in case of healthcare industries than the others. The claims as of above are made as health IT is something that has its effects on a huge mass, rather than any particular group of customers.

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How Medical Practice Management Software Aid You in Improving Services?

The purpose of Medical Practice Management software is to simplify the everyday affairs of a medical system. Such tools help the doctors in having better access to the various types of records like billing details, appointment schedules, official reports, and the insurance related details.

The prime intention of the Medical Practice Management software is to minimize the time a doctor has to pay for the documentation. Read more ›

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How Wearable Health Technology Accelerates Accuracy in Patient Care?

Role of the wearable have been significant in healthcare in contemporary times. These devices read data and process those to deliver the final data. Such devices are very useful especially as they allow a doctor to have crucial health details through mobile EHR applications.

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Continuous Quality Improvement in Healthcare – What’s in It for You!

Quality improvement is, in fact, the driving force for the growth of any industry. It basically refers to finding out the reason behind a problem, fixing it, and at the same time, looking for the opportunities, it creates to take it to another level. In short, it’s a process that is quite continual. The term continuous quality improvement in healthcare can be related pretty much the same way as we.

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Improve Patient Engagement through Mobile Health Technology

Technological envision is just everywhere in the contemporary times, and so in the world of health care. Those like smartphones and internet have taken things to the next level. People are now having the options like apps to get exact data for all crucial health details, starting from blood pressure, sugar level, weight, pregnancy to diet calories.

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Healthcare Systems and Challenges

Challenges are there in every sector. Rise and fall of the markets keep on happening. However, the challenges concerned with health sectors are certainly a way lot tougher to deal with than the others. One of the primary reasons associated is because these challenges demand extensive research. Again, one just can’t relentlessly go and execute the research outcome as there always remain issues like health threats, hypersensitivities, etc.

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