Are You Facing Medical Billing Challenges?

Transformations are rampant about almost every aspect in contemporary times. Every industry is getting transformed in new ways. Are they getting flawless? The answer is obviously ‘no’. Scenarios are pretty akin in medical billing as well. However, it’s a matter of concern in case of medical billing industry to cope up with the latest changes.

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Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management: Problems and Solutions

Revenue Cycle Management in Healthcare can be basically understood as the practice of dealing with the complaint proceedings, bills, and revenues. In modern times, to deal with the above issues in an efficacious fashion, the specialized medical tools (software) are being used.

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6 Common HIPAA Breach Traps & Remedies

The expanse of information technology has crossed traditional limits, and the health sector is making the most of it. Health IT is trending all over the world since these systems are vouching for enhanced patient data acquisition. The comprehensive patient information through Electronic Health Record System allows better chances at diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

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How mHealth and Wearable Apps Will Create Truly Patient-Centric Healthcare System?

Wearable when gets tagged with the Healthcare arena, it turns into the smart wearable. However, it’s still a matter under observation about how smart the wearable is actual. Well, considering the envious hike in business of these healthcare wearable, it can be definitely termed that these are actually doing well. Here a detailed dig presented regarding its present and future projection.

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How Medical Appointment Scheduling Software Improves Care at Reduced Cost

The stress level associated with the life of a doctor is just immense. A medical practitioner has to plan a strict schedule and follow it. Any mistake in this regard could really turn the whole communication go wrong. Hence, going with compliant medical appointment software could really make their life easier.

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Improved Patient Care and Health IT

Health IT has certainly emerged as one of the revolutionary ideas in the world of therapeutics. Be it about enhancing the patient accomplishment, minimizing the healthcare budget or carrying forward the process of improving the population health, the idea has been absolutely up to the mark. The above three parameters are considered crucial for enhancing the whole curative system. The best part, the concept has been significant in terms of encouraging research for the improvement of public health, especially about confronting the emergency.

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How Quality Improvement Consulting Can Help to Have Continuous Quality Improvement in Healthcare

When it comes to quality improvement, the parameters like ease of service usage, average time to wait, number of people available for assisting the patients, etc. are mostly considered. To take care of the above aspects with perfection, consulting a professional is always a better idea. However, following the guidelines is not enough. It is important to ensure as well to understand the effects of the environmental and characteristic aspects.

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Importance of PQRS Reporting to Your Practice

PQRS or the Physician Quality Reporting System is basically a quality inducement program that was initiated in 2009. Since the first day, it has been gathering the good impressions and going strong. Good news is that VBM (Value Based Modifier) program has been tagged with it to calculate the price and quality along the related penalties and incentives.

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Why Switching to EHR with RCM Wins Over Switching to EHR Only


Graphical representation with comparison of various factors like Price, Time Saving, Cash Flow Improvement and Overall Performance & Customer Satisfaction proves that switching to “EHR with RCM” is much more beneficial than switching to “EHR Only”

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Mobile EHR for better hands on experience for users

“Hello, how may I help…?”
“Your today’s appointment is booked!”
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