Have you heard of #PriceBucketChallenge?

Entire globe is buzzing about #IceBucketChallenge, iPatientCare has a challenge for you, known as #PriceBucketChallenge. Read more ›

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iPatientCare Invites you to Visit Booth#641 at MGMA 2014 Annual Conference at the Las Vegas, NV.

The MGMA 2014 Annual Conference brings together thousands of medical group practice professionals, exhibitors, physicians and high-profile speakers. This is an excellent opportunity to find new pieces to further grow your facility or practice. iPatientCare, Inc., a pioneer in mHealth and cloud based ambulatory EHR, integrated Practice Management and Patient Portal solutions, announced to demonstrate the Patient Kiosk, Clinically-driven Revenue Cycle Management and ICD-10 Ready EHR/PMS. Learn how iPatientCare’s robust solutions helps you to streamline workflow, provide better outcomes, and increase revenue. Read more ›

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Allergy EHR – Ideal Platform to Track Allergies and Vitals

iPatientCare Allergy EHR has proved to be a modern and efficient EHR for Allergy and immunology practice. Similar to other specialties Allergists and immunologists are in a lookout for a specialty specific EHR that understands their unique workflow at the same time simplifies their common procedures. With immense capability and easy accessibility, iPatientCare EHR stands ahead of its competitors and assures better security, reliability and technical feasibility to its clients. The specialty specific EHR takes care your allergy workflow and makes sure that it runs smoothly and seamlessly, allowing you to perform exams according to your proven workflow, not the other way around. Read more ›

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Satisfying Patient Engagement a mandate in Stage 2 Meaningful Use!

Did you finish last year’s attestation for Meaningful Use Stage 1? If you did, congratulations! You may be thinking you just made it; also you’re aware that Stage 2 is waiting for you, and you’re thankful to have preparation time. Read more ›

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EHR system completely focused on Pediatric needs and workflow

If you take a close look over the medical industry and its various specialties, you will find pediatric to be the most complicated and sensitive specialty to manage in terms of workflow and patient management as it caters to infants and kids. Thus, the pediatric specialties demand for EHR system that can streamline their workflow and improve their practice efficiency by providing quality of care. Though, there are numerous Pediatric specific EHR vendors available in the market, however they fail to deliver a complete solution catering to their specific need. This has led to disappointment within the specialty and a need for an EHR has risen in the industry which is designed by Pediatricians for the pediatric specialty. While understanding the existing scenario of pediatric specialties and studying their practice needs, iPatientCare, introduces enhanced EHR solely focused on pediatric specialty. Read more ›

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Advanced Technology ensures better Patient Engagement

Change is the law of nature and, it reflects innovation leading to betterment. The same law is applicable for technology as the changes in it are always meant for the practical enhancement of the society. Smartphones are no doubt the best innovation of the recent decade as it has influenced large number of people, positively and has made several things easier for the common people. When it comes to healthcare industry, the smartphone has played a remarkable role in its technical establishment. The healthcare industry is now heading towards the biggest transformation ever with the arrival of wearable technology and advanced mHealth Apps plus gadgets. Read more ›

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Secure Messaging Tool – Finding the Way for Effective Communication

In the medical industry, effective communication is a key to manage workflows. The lapse in communication results in compromised patient’s health, spoiling the reputation of the clinic/hospital and eventually have to bear financial losses. According to a genuine report – Health care industry faces the loss of $11 billion due to inactive workflows which is mainly caused by improper communication. However, most from the loss can be recovered if the medical practices get secure messaging tool installed in their system. Read more ›

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iPatientCare Delivering mHealth applications to communities

The Healthcare industry not only imitates professionalism but also reflect emotions towards better health of the society. However, there is an increment in the number of patients suffering from chronic disorders, which demands for better preventive health care plans. Though, several NGOs and government are running the health awareness programs to educate the people on preventive measures, but these steps altogether are not enough to overcome the problem. Read more ›

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The EHR Transition: Better Care with Improved Outcomes! Is it?

The US government has pushed all of its efforts for successful transition of health care records to EHR. On the positive node, most of the registered health care facilities in the US have switched to EHR. The main goal of the US government for bringing EHR system into action was to make the health care industry technically advanced, quick, secure and better. However, the goal is achieved or not remains a question unless we examine the outcomes of the EHR system. Read more ›

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Official: Oct 1, 2015 has been announced as new ICD-10 Compliance Date

The U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has formally set October 1, 2015 as a compliance date for conversion to ICD-10 diagnostic and procedure codes. This announcement came as a relief to many in healthcare who already have invested much time, effort, resources, and funding into implementation. Read more ›

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