Measure usability of your current EHR with iPatientCare EHR Evaluation Tool

EHR manages many crucial tasks and workflows within practices. Thus, it is quite essential to choose an appropriate EHR solution to maximize productivity. It is noticeable that most of the practices do not evaluate the post installation productivity factors of EHRs. To evaluate the post installation productivity factors of EHRs, practices must evaluate their current EHR with EHR Evaluation Tool as it helps in determining its usability, interoperability and credibility. Read more ›

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Time to Build the Way to Utmost Patient Satisfaction

In the last decade, healthcare industry has transformed gradually and in a vibrant conduct. The advancement in the working system of the healthcare facilities implies that they are focusing more on patient satisfaction. From patient check-in to discharge, the medical facilities are upgrading each procedure. The medical practices understand that the behavior of the patient has changed and now, they look for tech-oriented workflow in the care system.

Now, the question is how the medical facilities can build the way to utmost patient satisfaction? However, in the journey to achieve the set goal, physicians will also get benefited. Read more ›

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How to study Post Installation EHR productivity

Getting EHR installed successfully is just half job done. Before bringing the EHR in workflow, one must examine the EHR on the significant parameters, including – accessibility, interoperability, security, usability and time. Read more ›

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Cloud Based EHR – Safe Secure and Seamless

The care providers and physicians are currently busy in achieving the standards required to get meaningful use incentive as the first half of the year 2014 is over. Though, EHR are meant to meet the MU set standards but, the physicians want advancement in the technology, so they can meet the standards quite easily. This is where, one feels the importance of cloud based EHR, which is more secure and easy to access. Read more ›

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Improve your practice workflow: Get the most from your EHR

Providing better care with the help of advanced technology is now considered as primary goal of the healthcare industry. Thus, care organizations remain in search of hi-tech health care oriented tools. EHR system is one among those technical tools that help them to meet their primary goal. However, it remains a tough task for the care providers to select an appropriate EHR system which has the potential to improve patient safety, care quality and efficiency by supporting coordinated care and real-time access to information. Read more ›

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Thinking of Replacing your EHR? Keep Your Data Migration Plan in Place

Replacing EHR is the growing trend these days. The number of healthcare organizations putting their EHR replacement plans in action is on the increasing scale. While the chief reason behind these replacements is increasing dissatisfaction with the initial EHR, other reasons include integration concerns, inability to upgrade as per improving technology, non-compliance with changing government norms, etc. All in all, healthcare institutions are always in search of an effective EHR system that helps them manage current as well as future needs of their facility as well as patients. Read more ›

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Patient Centric Medical Apps for iPhone and iPad – The Evolution of Mobile Health Applications

Health problems are among the major threats that society is facing today. A recent survey on public health claims that “Around 62% of the people who are above 50 years of age in the USA, suffers from some or the other critical diseases”. The miserable medical status of the people led the physicians and doctors to find the root problems of the most common diseases. The doctors derived that two major reasons responsible for most of the health disorders are obesity and lack of water in the body. Thus, in order to prevent such diseases one must keep a check on his weight and daily water consumption. For Healthcare Industry it is quite difficult to keep a check on obesity and water-intake of each individual. On the other hand, people themselves cannot keep a regular check on those things in their busy schedule. Now, the main Question is – How to deal with such problem? Read more ›

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Changes in the Vital Signs Core Objective in 2014

Did you know that the vital signs objective is different in 2014? This year there was an increase in patient age limit for recording blood pressure to age 3 and a removal of age limit requirement for height and weight for the Stage 1 objective. These changes mirror the requirements for the objective in Stage 2. Read more ›

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iPatientCare Shaking Hands with Glassware Technology

Google Glass can be considered as the new milestone achieved in the technology sector. When it comes to extending the level of technology and innovation, thinking out of the box is required at the same time it needs to be highly acceptable, and Google Glass is the classic example for this theory. Google glass runs on two different platforms at the same time, i.e. trendy wearable accessory and resourceful technology. Read more ›

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Social Media Marketing In Healthcare: Avoiding Regulatory Pitfalls

Social media channels are emerging as big fish in the corporate marketing sector as they are helping different industry verticals to a wider extent in presenting their product and services among the billions. When it comes to health care industry, the figures supporting social media marketing are more than expected as a recent survey claims that “Around 40% of the patients like to discuss their health problems and seek for solutions on the popular social media sites”. Thus, it is quite essential for the medical practices to have sound social media presence to reach and serve maximum number of ailing and diseased people. Read more ›

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