CoverMyMeds is the nation’s largest Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA) platform and one of the fastest growing health care technology companies in the U.S. The company streamlines the Prior Authorization (PA) process for medications, making it electronic. As a result of CoverMyMeds’ integration with iPatientCare, health care providers can complete PA requests for any medication during the E-Prescribing workflow, and submit them to any plan. CoverMyMeds connects with the nation’s largest PBMs and health plans to enable them to electronically receive PA requests and make a determination, often within moments using pre-set criteria.

Providers who use CoverMyMeds estimate the electronic process reduces the time required to submit a PA request from 10-15 minutes to 3-5 minutes. Electronic PA functionality is available at no cost to all providers using iPatientCare.  Find out how to start completing PA requests within your iPatientCare dashboard today.

All iPatientCare physicians and their staff may now complete electronic prior authorization (ePA) in their dashboard. This is the fastest and best way to ensure patients receive prescribed medications.


  • Initiate a PA at the time of prescribing, or complete a pharmacy-initiated PA
  • Skip paper forms and faxes by submitting PA requests electronically for no additional cost
  • Complete PA requests for any medication and all health plans
  • Receive faster determinations from health plans that work with CoverMyMeds for ePA, often within moments!

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