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Practice Insight is a partner-centric EDI technology company that focuses on developing/supporting EDI technology and connectivity for our partners to deliver best-in-class revenue cycle management tools including Eligibility Manager, ERA Manager, Lockbox & conversion, eStatements, Patient Payment Portal for medical practices and facilities nationwide. Our solutions suite is designed to optimize the revenue cycle, in conjunction with your billing software application, resulting in increased revenue & net profit improvement in the short and long-term future.


iPatientCare EDI powered by Practice Insight is a cost-effective, integrated EDI solution that works seamlessly with iPatientCare Practice Management System and EHR.  This integration allows for faster claim submission, processing and faster payment.  All seamlessly done through iPatientCare Practice Management /EHR.


Claim Manager - Claim Manager is the core module of EDIinsight that improves the entire billing and collections process from claim submission to workflow management. Claim Manager loads your claims, automatically checks them for errors, and shows which claims are valid and which need to be corrected.


Eligibility - As patients continue to be responsible for a larger portion of their medical bills, your practice’s ability to determine insurance benefit details in advance has never been more important. EDIinsight Eligibility lets you know exactly how much you need to collect from patients, or if you need to have them sign an Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) during their office visit.


ERA Denial Manager - ERA Denial Manager is a powerful tool designed to track, manage and report data trends for all incoming ERAs. Through the ERA Denial Manager interface, providers are able to view transactions denied for a specific group or reason code, print an EOB for a specific claim, assign denials to staff for follow-up, and view the detail payment and allowed amounts for a billed charge.


100% ERA Solution - Nothing slows your revenue cycle like dealing with paper correspondence from payers. Yet, most providers currently receive just 60 to 80% of remittances electronically. Thankfully, EDIinsight 100% ERA Solution offers you industry-exclusive functionality that removes paper EOBs from the equation completely.


Electronic Statements - Statement processing can be a challenge for your practice. EDIinsight Statement Manager automates these manual processes and turns these challenges into a strategic advantage.


Reports & Dashboards - Data mining is transforming the business of healthcare. Whether presented at a very high level on a dashboard or in greater detail with carefully defined parameters in a report, the insight gleaned from contemporary revenue cycle data can help providers to better manage every aspect of the revenue cycle.


Workflow Task Manager - Task Manager is an integrated part of EDIinsight that allows a user to create tasks. These tasks will assist your provider customers in creating a product workflow in EDIinsight, ensuring followup on important EDI transactions.


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