iPatientCare VUCON August 2017 Session

Topic: Enhanced Clinical Decision Support using iPatientCare
Schedule: August 10, 2017, 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM EST
Speaker: Kay Mehta, iPatientCare, Inc.

Agenda of iPatientCare Virtual User Conference (VUCON) August 2017

3:00 PM EST - 4:30 PM EST
'Enhanced Clinical Decision Support using iPatientCare' - by Kay Mehta, iPatientCare, Inc.

Session Overview

In this session, we will throw some light on Enhanced Clinical Decision Support using iPatientCare application. Our final Goal is to help our clients in preventing and maintaining the health of the patients. We will also see how a code extraction, Health Maintenance reminders, Order set and Condition base clinical alerts will help to achieve the final Goal.

Some of the key areas Session will explore:

  • Code Extraction: learn about Code Extraction (How to automatically add CPT/ICD codes to the services performed).
  • Preventative Maintenance, Health Maintenance reminders (Correspondence), Condition base clinical alerts: Learn about smart Health Reminders for Providers & Patients (Patient Portal).
  • Order Sets: Place multiple clinical orders from 1 screen.

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