iPatientCare VUCON March 2019 Session

Topic 1: Welcome to iPatientCare New Release
Presenter: Tejhas Vyass, iPatientCare, Inc.
Scheduled: March 21, 2019

Session 1 Overview:

Working towards "longitudinal patient records" access and data reconciliation.

Some of the key areas this session will cover:

  • Facilitating Panel Management to identify and manage high risk patients for Care Management
  • Introducing new report for "Continuity of Care"
  • Cancer Surveillance Program
  • Integration of MAPS within iPatientCare EHR
  • Real Time benefit check through CoverMyMeds prior to prescribing medication
  • Enhanced Telehealth facility with, ability to chat during call, send notification through iRemind if either parties have not joined
  • Convert Paper Batch to Electronic Batch
  • Patient Balance reminder notification through iRemind

Session 2 Overview:

CoverMyMeds automates the prior authorization (PA) process making it a faster and easier way to review, complete and track PA requests. The integrated solution allows prescribers to kick-off the process at the point of prescribing and complete pharmacy-initiated requests. In addition to the ePA solution, CoverMyMeds provides a real-time benefit check solution, RxBenefit Clarity™. RxBenefit Clarity is a product that is offered via collaboration with RelayHealth, providing real-time benefit check transparency at the point of drug selection. With this solution, providers can see additional alerts including patient pay details and whether a medication will not be covered.

Some of the key areas this session will cover:

  • Clinical Decision Support and Medication Prior Authorization.

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