iPatientCare Blog - How HIPAA Compliant Electronic Health Record System Helps You Keep Safe From Cyber Attacks?

How HIPAA Compliant Electronic Health Record System Helps You Keep Safe From Cyber Attacks?

HIPAA Compliance can be absolutely effective to stay away of unwanted fines. More than that, it can keep you at a much-assured side from a cyber-attack point of views. It is important to understand that a patient’s detail can be million-dollar thing for illegal cyber criminals or hackers.

With growing hacks of medical data, one has to be careful about his/her patient’s details. This is most necessary thing which is required any medical. In fact, there are a few malwares, which ask you to pay money simply to access your own data. There remains the threat that you may not be able in accessing the data of your own patient.

How HIPAA Compliant Electronic Health Record System Helps You Keep Safe From Cyber Attacks?

Your entire practice may come on to the stake. However, the HIPAA Compliant electronic health record system through added security barriers can prevent such inconveniences.

It’s a fact that many practitioners often pay these hackers, instead of being serious about keeping backups. Even bigger is the concern that despite so much of awareness, people are still neglecting the data. Well, HIPAA can take care of such challenges in a much effective way. Following its guidelines thoroughly, one can stay at a much-accomplishing side.

Here’s How the HIPAA Compliance Works:

Data Collection:

Basically, the HIPAA compliance involves three stages, i.e., documentation, training and implementation. Documentation here refers to risk assessment that collects details of your electronic device usage, the way you protect your data, and the steps your colleagues need to follow. Risk assessment shortlists the revamps needed in your system for better safety.

Train your employees:

Lack of skilled professionals is one of the reasons behind the growing security threats. Through HIPAA, it is desired that the professionals must follow the HIPAA rules and also the security amendments of the venture. The employees must be given training for both.

The Necessary Execution:

Here comes the most important part of overall HIPAA security. All your efforts towards documentation and training make sense only when you execute it properly. In fact, the execution needs to be immediate; otherwise, it turns in to cast-off stuff. For the successful execution, a team effort is what desired the most.

Hence, you along with your entire bunch of employees must sit and set the path to execute. Never mind if the execution demands some extra manpower or resource. But, the perfection matters. Cyber-attacks can incur a huge loss. You have to pay the hacker, without any guarantee that the data will be recovered.

In addition, there remains the threat of legal actions from the patient’s side. All these can make a huge amount than you have anticipated. Hence, the best option would be to implement HIPAA, and stay assured about the safety, and moreover, the effort.


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