Improved Physician - Patient relations out of the clinic

Improved Physician – Patient relations out of the clinic

Now a days usually it is seen that physicians and patients are gaining hands on experience with EHR which results in improved communications between them. Whether it is admin staff, physicians or the patients, all are using the EHR and the patient portal to perform all tasks.

Improved Physician - Patient relations out of the clinic

As per the report generated by HIMSS the definition of patient engagement goes like this:

“the relationship between patients and healthcare providers working together to promote and support active patient and public involvement in health and healthcare and to strengthen their influence on healthcare decisions, at both the individual and collective levels”.

According to the certain analysis and surveys made, it was known that the patients who are involved in their health management are usually maintaining the nutritious diet, regular workout sessions, treatment plans, instructed tests and screenings.

In order to bring improvement into the physician patient relationship, EHR Vendors are supporting communication within the patient portal by keeping the communication secure. Even certain communication channels are adopted like email and social media which are eventually bringing patients and physicians close to each other.

Results obtained by the survey organized mentions that patients are getting very used to with the updating of their personal medical records on the patient portal. This also brought some additional facts in front like nearly 70% of users felt that these few features are responsible for making good relationships between patients and the physicians.


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