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Patient Centric Medical Apps for iPhone and iPad – The Evolution of Mobile Health Applications

Health problems are among the major threats that society is facing today. A recent survey on public health claims that “Around 62% of the people who are above 50 years of age in the USA, suffers from some or the other critical diseases”. The miserable medical status of the people led the physicians and doctors to find the root problems of the most common diseases. The doctors derived that two major reasons responsible for most of the health disorders are obesity and lack of water in the body. Thus, in order to prevent such diseases one must keep a check on his weight and daily water consumption. For Healthcare Industry it is quite difficult to keep a check on obesity and water-intake of each individual. On the other hand, people themselves cannot keep a regular check on those things in their busy schedule. Now, the main Question is – How to deal with such problem?

Mobile Health

The technology has potential to help communities to cure many “cause of diseases” such as Obesity, Care while Pregnancy and Dehydration and reason of that, iPatientcare, a pioneer in mHealth and cloud based ambulatory EHR, Integrated Practice Management and Patient Portal Solutions, has introduced three innovative patient Centric Medical Apps available for free on iPad and iPhone such as miMeds, miCalc, miWater to empower patient by providing them basic health education. These apps can be extremely helpful for the people in maintaining their health and in preventing them from major diseases. And also It will help patients and clinicians to remain updated about patient’s health, and improve the level of care.

The usability of three iPhone and iPad based Medical Apps –

miMeds – (pronounced as “my Meds”) is also known as ‘Reminder App’ as by using the same, one can get the reminders to take essential medications and health supplements. It enables patients to take a right medicine with right dose by following right route at right time. By using this application, society can learn about importance and follow5R theory and taking timely medicines. Now, patients do not need to memorize the correct medications, dosage and time; the app will proactively do it for them.

miCalc – (pronounced as “my Calc” ) is dedicated to pregnant mothers. Pregnancy is the time when women are required to take extra care of their health. miCalc helps in taking and keeping the records of body mass index, body surface area, Ideal body weight, Due date by LMP, Due date by Ultrasound, and gestational age. This ensures healthy pregnancy months and healthy child delivery. Benefit of this application isn’t restricted to pregnant mothers, this application can empower society to fight many “cause of diseases” such as obesity. It helps to improve clinical outcomes.

miWater – (pronounced as “my water”) is an incredible water reminder App. Water plays a crucial role in overall functionality of the human body. Hence, one should consume proper amount of water on daily basis to stay healthy. Water is also key to proper digestion and therefore inconsistency in daily water intake can contribute to wide array of medical complication such as fatigue, joint pain, weight gain, high blood pressure and kidney disease.” miWater encourage users to maintain their daily intake of water.

All of above incredible and useful apps are contribution towards better care and improved outcomes to the community by iPatientCare. Caring for patients is part of our culture. All these Applications are available for Free on the App Store.


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