Patient Experience and Satisfaction is Changing the Industry

Patient Experience and Satisfaction is Changing the Industry

For decades, healthcare organizations have been developing patient-engagement strategies to leverage better patient experience and to enhance medical outcomes. Traditionally, clinical outcomes were an organization’s top priority, however, in recent years, patient experience has become the key measurement for the effectiveness of an organization’s capabilities.  What aspects in the expanding healthcare spectrum are creating transformative and exceptional patient experience?

Patient demand for better experience

The integration of technology into nearly every aspect of life has created a shift in how patients expect to receive their care. Patient satisfaction with their delivery of care determines whether they are more inclined to leave or stay with their current physician’s practice.

Motivation from other industries

Most industries are making efforts to improve their customer experience with digital engagement. The banking industry is a great example of new digital engagement. Do you remember when was the last time you walked into your local bank branch and conducted a manual transaction? The probable answer is ‘NO’. Most transactions are now available within your bank’s mobile application. Banks have revolutionized their customer experience, so, why not also revolutionize the customer’s healthcare experience?

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Healthcare experts predict that in the next few years patient experience will be the driving force for purchasing decisions . Now is the crucial time for organizations to prepare and accelerate their planning and budgeting for digital transformation. Organizations will need to adapt to the changing technologies to remain competitive within healthcare.

Starting the transformation

Many organizations have already started to increase investment in new technology, improving their patient experience. Healthcare is predicted to be one of the fastest-growing markets in the future, therefore organizations must find a way to utilize investments in technology as a catalyst to drive the transformation.

Personalization and convenience in every communication

Personalized communication plays an interesting role in developing engagement with patients. Patients are more inclined to engage in digital communication when communication is personalized to them. Many organizations have also started using patient portals in sync with their EHR systems. The portal allows patients to schedule appointments, pay bills online, communicate with care teams, view test results, etc. In addition to patient portals, organizations should also consider the implementation of chatbot technologies, machine learning, and artificial intelligence that will offer new capabilities to further improve the patient experience.

Patient Experience and Satisfaction is Changing the Industry

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