PQRS exemption, Qualify for 2014 incentive and avoid 2016 Penalty

For practices not currently participating in the Medicare Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS), another Medicare penalty is looming. Take action now to sign up to prevent it.


Much like Meaningful Use, PQRS Incentives and PQRS Penalties are no less then Carrot and Stick in literal sense.

Physician Quality Reporting System should not complicate you with the complex coding systems and expensive manual processes.Whether a single provider or large hospital group, iPatientCare’s Registry plus helps to simplify the PQRS processes.

PQRS Registry

According to the final rule for 2014 PQRS reporting,each eligible professional needs to report at least 9 individual measures across 3 domains for at least 50% of their applicable Medicare Part B FFS patients. With these, Providers have the opportunity to earn bonus incentives for utilizing tracking and reporting on clinical quality measures as part of their clinical workflow.

Looking for a PQRS Registry?

iPatientCare is a CMS qualified registry, by using iPatientCare RegistryPlus service you can confidently;

• Qualify for the 2014 0.5% incentive

• Avoid the 2016 -2.0% penalty for non-participation

Individual EPs and Large provider groups can use iPatientCare Registryplus to meet the requirements.

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