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Prevention is better than Cure – Same goes with the claims

Approximately 40% of all medical claims contain errors. With strict insurance guidelines for medical billing and coding and constant changes to billing rules, many of these claims are likely to get rejected. The cycle of submission, rejection, editing and re-submission can take weeks, often resulting in providers waiting for months before receiving payment for their services. Not only is this significant administrative cost, but also an average of $25 is taken from the practice per claim for corrected claims, re-submissions, paper submissions, appeals & human efforts utilized for these rejected claims. Eventually, we do get paid for some of these claims however, this brings down the practice profitability to approximately 50%.

Hence, prevention is better than the cure for claims as well.

Could your claims use a good cleansing?

With millions of claims being submitted by healthcare organizations each day, it’s inevitable that human or computer processing errors can leave claims “with error”. This results in rejected or underpaid claims, negatively affecting your cash flow and bottom line.

However, at iPatientCare, we have our customers covered by providing them with the most comprehensive claim/encounter scrubbing tool available in the market today – Alpha II ClaimStaker™. This “Claim Scrubber” add-on service has helped thousands of healthcare providers to identify errors earlier in the encounter workflow prior to claiming submission. Delivering clean claims the first time is vital for running a financially stable healthcare organization!

What Sets iPatientCare Alpha II ClaimStaker Apart?

Not all claim scrubbers are created equally. With ClaimStaker, the edits are robust and our solution is proven to be more accurate and consistent, as it is attested by more than 60,000 providers and clinicians. The expansive features, functions, and reconfigurability available in ClaimStaker, truly differentiates our solution. ClaimStaker is easy to set up and use.Since most edits are configured (enabled or disabled) by the click of a checkbox versus, having to be “built and maintained” as with most other claim editing products.

A Track Record of Superior Customer Service

Our billing specialists are available throughout the implementation process. They can also be called once the add-on service has been implemented to answer questions about ClaimStaker and get assistance if any issues arise. We also maintain a proactive stance with medical regulation changes, ensuring that updates are seamless and of low impact to the clinicians and hospitals that utilize our solutions.

About the Author

Vipul, as Sr. Technology Officer at iPatientCare, has been driving constant innovations, research, and development, and rethinking of application architecture to meet challenges faced by physicians’ offices and hospitals/health systems. With more than a decade of experience, Vipul has been one of the most versatile brains behind iPatientCare product suite. Conceiving an integrated Practice Management application module has been Vipul’s significant contribution to iPatientCare.


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