Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging for Transition of Care to Ensure Your Compliance to Meaningful Use Stage 2

The digitalization of data increased the opportunities to involve patients in their health care. Though, standard email runs the risk of violating HIPAA policies unless it is encrypted. By utilizing Direct Secure Messaging, patients and staff alike can experience all the benefits of using email, but in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

What is Direct? Quick Overview

Secure Messaging

Direct Secure Messaging enables fast, secure, standards-compliant electronic communication between healthcare organizations.

» Get Closer to a Meaningful Use Stage 2 Connectivity:

Stage 2 Meaningful Use prescribes Direct Project as the primary transport mechanism for clinical information sharing. Direct Secure Messaging provides the fastest and easiest way to maximize incentive criteria

» Experience the fast, efficient co-ordination of care:

Direct Secure Messaging acts like a bridge by connecting all participants in a patient’s journey (within and beyond organizational boundaries). A drastic reduction in administration workload and documentation loss can be experienced. With Direct Secure Messaging Patient information is handled quickly, efficiently and with the highest regard for privacy.

» Drive referrals to your organization:

Deploying Direct Secure Messaging helps you to leverage referral networks by providing a secure channel for primary care providers to refer patients to your organization.

» Prompt and clear information:

Direct Secure Messaging ensures timely deliverability of correct information to the right locations securely. It reduces admin staff reliance and eliminates illegibility issues caused by fax and handwriting quality.

» Platform for growth:

Direct Secure Messaging has proved to be a vital option to a rich health information exchange with an ease. Ultimately you would be deploying a standalone solution as part of HIE infrastructure which offers a complete regional solution for cross continuum care and analytics from the evidence based rich clinical data.

iPatientCare is committed to helping healthcare professionals and their institutions to deliver the highest quality of service to their patients, including respecting patients’ rights to maintain the privacy of their health information. Use iPatientCare, HIPAA-Complaint Secure Messaging. Contact us now.


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