Better Care with Improved Outcomes

The EHR Transition: Better Care with Improved Outcomes! Is it?

The US government has pushed all of its efforts for successful transition of health care records to EHR. On the positive node, most of the registered health care facilities in the US have switched to EHR. The main goal of the US government for bringing EHR system into action was to make the health care industry technically advanced, quick, secure and better. However, the goal is achieved or not remains a question unless we examine the outcomes of the EHR system.

Better Care with Improved Outcomes

So, in order to measure the success of EHR system, it is significant to find out pains and gains related to it. Thus, we have tested EHR on following common points:

Do EHR affects the cost of Medical Care?

As per the US government standards, EHR is not meant to put any effect on the cost of the medical services, on the contrary; it has been noticed by (reference) that medical facilities with EHR installed in their system charge higher cost to patients for treatment and counselling.

Maintenance of the Records

A recent survey revealed that keeping the primary record, like patient’s demographics, lab and clinical reports are easy, but other documents are difficult to manage as the complexity involved is of higher level for a non-technical person.


The level of security remains high in the EHR system, however the users find it difficult to manage the level of security and hence, generally they try to skip the security options available.


In most of the health care facilities, it has been found that billing software is not used and if used, then not efficiently which indicates that medical billing is quite tough to understand or it is not offering the level of usability that physicians or doctors require.

Complexity & Errors

In comparison with paper charting system, EHR is smart, quick and secure, but at the same time, it is quite complex to understand which leads to improper handling and eventually, errors take place from initial level to higher level.

Is there any Solution?

When studied pains related to EHR closely, it was illustrated that most of them are related to the complex structure of the EHR system. However, the complexity of EHR system can be reduced, but to a certain level. Thus, it becomes crucial to appoint an expert technical team to train you on how to use EHR effectively and therefore blaming physicians or practices for charging higher cost to patients wouldn’t be fair. Most of available EHRs are designed for tech savvy physicians but physicians aren’t tech savvy to utilize EHRs effectively and hence cost of providing better care is higher.


iPatientCare offers easy to use EHR system has been designed keeping in mind the Care providers who are not so tech savvy at the same time the user friendly system empowers practices streamline their work flow and provide better care at affordable cost. “iPatientCare EHR enables you to focus on what you are best at i.e. providing better care to the patients”.


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