Why Having A Specialty EHR Is An Added Luxury To Your Practice

Why Having A Specialty EHR Is An Added Luxury To Your Practice?

Having a successful Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a necessity, but having a Specialty EHR is a luxury. Specialty EHR becomes the backbone of your practice. It is tailored specifically to the needs of your specialty. It already knows your practice workflow and predominantly helps you synchronize your niche content and administrative tasks. In this way, you can save time, effort, money, and unnecessary actions. It helps you spend more time treating and caring for patients. Adopting an EHR that completely understands your specialty and works according to your requirements is not less than a bonus to your practice.

How does specialty EHR connect with a specialist?

An Electronic Health Record provides a comprehensive, and holistic approach towards patient care and administrative task management. A fully integrated EHR solution also includes billing tasks, management tasks, and unites with pharmacy, lab, radiology, etc. However, when it comes to specialty EHR, it includes specialty-specific modules, templates, clinical decisions that enhance ease, speed, accuracy, and transparency of workflow and documentation.

There are different specialties such as cardiology, gynecology, dermatology, nephrology, etc. Let’s take an example of specialty EHR for Cardiology. Within cardiology, some doctors could be a cardiac surgeon, some might specialize in congenital heart defects, while others may specialize in coronary artery disease. Everyone would have their own set of documentation, pick lists, complaints, review of systems, medical prescriptions, CPT codes, and many other integration.

Here, specialty EHR comes in and plays an important role. Let’s again take cardiology as an example, cardiology EHR would be configured with specific diagnostic tests oriented unique templates such as Stress Echo Report, Exercise Stress Test, Carotid Doppler Report, Lexican Nuclear Stress Test Report, Venous Duplex Report, Stress Test, Echocardiogram Report, Holter Monitor Report, and many more. You can use these templates to automatically bring in the patient data by eliminating errors, duplicate data entry, and be efficient in the documentation part. You can also select your set of modules and templates to customize your preferences for automation. Overall it helps you boost your specialty-specific workflows, and enhance productivity.

Other greater benefits of having specialty-specific software for your practice are as follows-

Improved Practice Organization

With the specialty EHR software, you can focus on better quality of care rather than clumsy administrative tasks. You can automate the processes such as scheduling, billing, and patient tracking. This provides value to your practice and makes a great difference in the financial and administrative aspects of the practice.

Error Free Documentation 

Error-free documentation is a key benefit of EHR software.  Functionalities like the end to end documentation of patient notes, medical history, and lab reports help you simplify and reduce the tedious and time-consuming documentation process.

Shifts Your Focus On Quality Of Care

EHR software helps you with almost every administrative task. Streamlined workflow and automated process give you a sufficient amount of time to focus on patients, forgetting about the burdensome paperwork they needed to complete.

Enhanced Patient-Provider Satisfaction

Specialty-specific software is satisfying for both the patient and the provider. Features of the software improve the overall care and timely treatment provided to the patient. Providers and patients stay on the same page during the whole process of care. With the use of technology, you can also make sure that the focus on quality care enabled by this software is appreciated by patients.

The US healthcare system is continuously evolving, patients are being consumers and practices are transitioning to value-based care models. Specialty EHR software plays an important role in streamlining and coordinating quality care. If you know that your practice requires functions that general systems cannot support, then now is the high time that you can bring in new technology in your practice and save time, effort, and money by choosing a specialty EHR system.

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