What makes iPatientCare’s EHR so popular among providers in 2020

What makes iPatientCare’s EHR so popular among providers in 2020

The reason why iPatientCare’s EHR software is popular because, we have been serving more than 70,000 users nationwide which includes numerous small/medium/large practices, hospital/health systems, rural health clinics, and high-profile customers, such as, US Army and NASA Space Medicine. Not only this, but we have also been selected as a preferred vendor/MU partner by Federal Government funded Regional Extension Centers.

Reasons Why iPatientCare’s EHR Is Most Popular Among Physicians

Before you go further, we would like to introduce you to our clients and know about their experience with us.

Now, we will walk you through the features of iPatientCare’s EHR software (IPC’s EHR) that stands out as a preferred choice for physicians or providers.

Most importantly, it’s Affordable: 

It’s not free! However, it is extremely affordable.

  • We don’t charge for license fees, and there are no upfront charges
  • It is available as Cloud-based EHR  and does not require providers to invest in expensive servers
  • We ensure HIPAA compliance of servers and take care of daily backups, disaster recovery, and giving secure access to providers, thus relieving providers from the major IT security burdens
  • We do not force long-term contracts and offer you EHR/PMS/RCM systems at very competitive rates
  • We also provide a complete bundle of EHR, PMS, & RCM System
  • Most importantly, we return all the data when providers may decide to discontinue using iPatientCare EHR Software, technology, or services

It is simply efficient and secure EHR :

iPatientCare’s simple and intuitive cloud-based EHR software is equipped with user-centric design and high-performance architecture which makes it extremely simple for providers to efficiently run their regular/daily tasks, such as patient charting, e-prescribing, and scheduling. EHR’s charting module supports many different input methods for capturing data at the point-of-care, such as pushing pre-programmed buttons, using visual analog scales, dictating into the system, speech recognition through Dragon Medical, and text entry through the keyboard.

Overall it helps the provider to devote more time towards patient care, rather than being stuck with ordinary clerical tasks.

It provides hosting options – cloud / on Premise :

It has a unique deployment model to suit your needs. It is available as cloud-based EHR, which relieves providers from maintaining expensive servers and IT staff. It also gives providers an option to keep the patient records within their practice, it is also available as an on-premise EHR solution.

It is customizable according to your needs :

It is being one of the most popular EHR software because it can customize as per your practice needs. It is capable of molding itself according to the provider’s need, rather than changing the way the provider works. Providers can customize almost everything – from organizing the tabs in the patient’s chart to restructuring the visit notes, templates, dashboards, and the workflow.

It caters to provider’s specialty-specific needs :

iPatientCare’s EHR is designed by physicians for physicians. Several specialty providers simply want more than what a general EHR can do for them. Using iPatientCare’s EHR providers can manage solutions according to their specialty.

Providers can access point-and-click interface, workflow customization, and many more tools to support their unique practice style, and preferences. We can kick start providers with their specialty’s version of EHR and then further they can customize it to their practice’s preference rather than adjusting with general EHR.

It is anywhere anytime connected EHR

iPatientCare EIA – Enterprise Integration Adapters provide all required electronic interfaces to make it one of the most interoperable EHRs. It comes with hundreds of adapters to connect with pharmacies, labs, immunization, and state registries, Health Information Exchanges, other EHR/Practice Management Systems, and much more. These connectors allow the provider to extend their reach beyond their practice and help them reduce errors, and bring in efficiency to patient care.

It is an award-winning EHR software

iPatientCare has been a thought-leader when it comes to EHR/PMS for physicians’ offices. It is recognized as an innovator in the healthcare informatics field, being the first vendor to offer an Electronic Health Record (EHR) on a handheld device, the first to offer a SaaS (Software as a Service) based EHR product. It has been awarded numerous awards as listed below

  • iPatientCare ranked by Black Book Market Research once again among top specialty-specific EHR vendors for 2019
  • iPatientCare 18.0 EHR Receives 2015 ONC Health IT Certification from Drummond Group
  • iPatientCare announced as the First ConCert by HIMSS™ Certified Ambulatory EHR under the Interoperability Testing and Certification program
  • iPatientCare EHR Selected as 10th Most Popular EHR Software Solution in 2016 by Capterra.

It provides you with world-class support

iPatientCare is very well known for its active, agile, and proactive support. iPatientCare users could seek support by either logging their request online (24 x 7) or calling Help Desk Call Center (8:00 a.m. EST through 8:00 p.m. EST).

iPatientCare firmly believes in engaging its users on an ongoing basis. For effective engagement, it holds monthly user meetings via the Virtual User Conference/Forum. Providers keep themselves updated on the major software releases and many third-party tools integrated by iPatientCare.

We know how important, difficult, and confusing it is for a provider to choose the right EHR vendor, so knowing the choices that other physicians/ providers have made can add some valuable context around the decision-making process.

Reasons Why iPatientCare’s EHR Is Most Popular Among Physicians

If you are looking to adopt or switch an EHR that works for you and helps you focus on the quality of patient care then, iPatientCare’s EHR is one of the most popular electronic health record software. Hit the link to get started with your free demo.


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