Specialty-specific EHR: Why navigation is easier and faster ?

As healthcare providers, we always want to be productive and energetic at our workplace. One of the best ways is to invest in technology that doesn’t slow you down. You need tools that run according to your specific requirements and optimized within your practice. A specialty-specific EHR can navigate your workflow towards accuracy with an easier and faster approach.

Here’s how a specialty-specific EHR enables you navigate easier and faster within your workflows:

Quick Initial Setup

As a provider, you might not have enough time for initial software setup, which often takes lengthy training sessions to get started. Specialty-specific EHRs do not take an extended amount of time and effort to learn. It has everything your practice needs from the beginning.

Familiarity and Comfort

Running your specialty practice means going through a lot of supporting documents, forms, and templates every time. Specialty-based EHRs already know your workflow and charting needs, so it is plug and play. It documents your patient’s data in real-time and saves your decisions, making way for a faster and more accurate diagnosis.

Eliminates Extra Clicks & Options

Diagnosing patients is a complex process. You need to perform collaborative activities that involve clinical reasoning and information gathering to determine the patient’s health problems. A Specialty EHR is equipped with practice-specific care charting templates and intuitive navigation. It analyzes documentation with logical steps, single-click selections, and search queries which helps in eliminating extra clicks typically found in a standard EHR.

Integrate Seamlessly with Practice Management Solutions

A specialty EHR interface allows seamless integration with practice management solutions. Integration helps you and your staff save time on documenting data separately on both medical records and practice management software.

It can be a daunting task to choose the right EHR software solution for your specialty care.  Choosing an industry leading, agile, forward-thinking vendor must be on your priority list. Highly rated EHR vendors will not only help your specialty practice run smoothly, but will also be committed to the success of your entire practice.

iPatientCare is proud to be an award-winning EHR, offering the best specialty EHR software with value added services.

Specialty-specific EHR: Why navigation is easier and faster

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