Wisely choose your EHR, select high performance EHR for high performance practice!

iPatientCare EHR is a powerful Electronic Health Record system that comes packed with features that help doctors, their practices, and most importantly their patients get improved healthcare outcomes. This one stop solution designed by the Providers, for the providers – ensures impeccable workflow at any providers’ office.


The user friendly features and modules of iPatientCare EHR cover all your need, ultimately resulting in quick efficient patient care!

» Charting easier than ever! Charting never was that easy for the providers’ earlier; iPatientCare EHR’s smart charting facility gives flexible custom templates that make the charting fast, easy and compatible with the current workflow and helps you see your patients’ data at a glance.

» Streamline patient visits with the flexible Scheduling module! Our one click scheduling feature and customized calendar views enables you to set automatic appointment reminders and view customized calendar.

» Single click Referrals! Send instant patient referrals with a single click, thus allowing you to securely exchange data between providers that use any EHR.

» Save time and improve your workflow! Reduce countless hours on charting, Send prescriptions to thousands of Pharmacies across the country in just a few clicks, order lab result, retrieving records, monitoring patient flow and deliver best patient care.

» Get connected with multiple Labs! Instantly connect your EHR to your choice of national and regional labs and imaging centers at zero cost. With numerous choices available, you can continue to use your existing labs and imaging centers. Get lab orders,reports, medical images, and radiology notes directly into your patients’ visit note.

» Meet your PQRS, PCMH, ACO, CPCI Goals! iPatientCare EHR has been evolved based on industry demands and needs. We help you achieve these goals by measuring and monitoring your patient population, referral Tracking and care coordination.

Schedule a demonstration for viewing the 10th Best EHR on Capterra’s List for 2014.


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