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How does Revenue Cycle Management affect practice’s reimbursements?

In recent years, Revenue cycle management has shown substantial growth and is expected to show lucrative growth in upcoming years. In healthcare, the revenue cycle management manages all the components from obtaining patient information, to integrating workflow so that output

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What is impact of Value-Based Care on your Practice?

‘Value-based Care’ has created a bit of confusion among the healthcare professionals. This is as critical as evidence-based medicine. The providers first give importance to safety, then comes ‘value’ which is followed by the highest quality elevating access and medical

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How to overcome challenges in Telehealth?

From the peripheries, now telehealth has moved into the mainstream of health care system. Telehealth means delivering medical, health and education services. It provides clinical support to patients from remote location, with help of telecommunication and information technology.

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How to control diseases through Chronic Care Management program?

The chronic diseases can be influenced by health-related behaviors; which can be non-communicable and long-lasting illnesses. The term itself means, disease management for chronic conditions. Some of the diseases for which chronic care management successfully conducts and manages educational activities

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What to keep in mind before choosing a Pediatric EHR right for your practice?

Many pediatric EHR functions are still far-fetched for many pediatric practices. Selecting a right kind of Pediatric EHR is relatively challenging as most of the Electronic Health Record software are built keeping an adult patient in mind. The EHR software

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How to make Best use of Cardiology EHR?

There are many electronic medical record choices in the market today. But there are only very few vendors who are capable of building a perfect cardiology software, keeping in mind all the needs of cardiologists. A cardiology EHR is all-in-one

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What does “Value” in Value-Based Care mean?

Over past few years, the future of value-based care has been uncertain. The challenges of lowering – costs and improving healthcare quality may lead payers to consider the use of captivated payments as part of their value-based payment model strategies.

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Why unlock the power of Blockchain?

Blockchain has taken not an only healthcare system, but banking and industrial sectors too by storm! Healthcare is drowning in data – clinical trials, medical records etc., scattering a lot of information all over the place. One of the best

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Are Analytics becoming vital for Revenue Cycle Management?

The revenue cycle management is continuously evolving over the years to keep up the pace with changes in the healthcare industry. More technology solutions emerge to address value-based payment models and the revenue cycle management services is becoming more important

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Telemedicine – Creating Positive Impact in Healthcare

Numerous healthcare organizations have opened their doors for telehealth, as it is benefiting to both patients and their providers. Telehealth has helped to expand and improve access to most of the healthcare services. The biggest advantage of telehealth services is

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