How Cloud Based EHR Offers Greater Data Protection?

The instances of medical data breach are getting higher. Though the threats of cyber-attacks have been there always, across all departments, it is getting tougher in case of the medical data. It is important to understand that a patient’s detail can deliver the hacker in millions. They hack the patient records and demand ransom.

In fact, the therapists never mind paying those amounts, despite all that serious awareness. There are so many instances one can take into account. In short, threats of such have been always there for any practitioner.

The Growing Instances of Breaches:

Many reports have already surfaced suggesting the growing instances of security breaks. Especially, such breaches were too much during the initial half of 2015. According to a leading market research house, about thirty-five percent of the total security breaches were found in healthcare sector only.

How Cloud Based EHR Offers Greater Data Protection?

In fact, the healthcare security breaches were even more than the instances of governmental breached and other technology houses. As mentioned above, the growing demands for ransom are one of the prominent reasons behind such increasing instances.

Moreover, the therapist easily paying the demanded amounts is motivating these hackers to demand even bigger. According to the reports, these hackers make more than three hundred sixty dollars for each such healthcare breach.

What Makes The Cloud Based Solutions More Trustworthy?

No doubt, instead of being analytic about the number breaches, finding the ways to stop such instances make better sense. Well, there is no scarcity of options though as the protective measures against such breaches.

But, talking about a trustworthy option, the cloud-based security measures have turned out to be the most biddable at present. What makes cloud a better option? Check out the points given below.

Minimal Budget:

Needless is to mention about the growing costs of the data security arrangements. The cloud based EHR solutions have certainly turned out much budget-friendly in comparison. Starting from installation to execution, the costs have been pretty much at lower side this way. Rather, these cloud-based companies demand negligible initial investments from the clients.

Greater Security Assurance:

It is here to mention that most of the cloud powered companies are indulged in partnership with global security agencies to include greater protective barriers for your information.

Better Focus:

The best part of the cloud-based security agencies is the 24 x 7 service they offer. Being active anytime, they let you notify about each security breach, the moment it occurs. Such facilities have been absolutely encouraging for the healthcare centers those run out of budget for offering 24 x 7 security arrangements for their data.

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