National User Conference 2011

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iPatientCare ’s 2nd annual National User Conference (NUCON) 2011 ended with a great fanfare and tremendous excitement among the attendees! We are very glad to thank our attendees, speakers, and sponsors for making the event a huge success! We look forward to seeing you next year. Stay tuned for more details on venue and next year’s program.

Conference Theme

The theme this year was ‘Education/Exhibition/Entertainment’. While the event offered multiple educational and training opportunities for end users; and included our largest exhibition from our business partners representing products and solutions that get embedded or integrated with the iPatientCare application platform, we didn’t miss out on the fun either! Attendees thoroughly enjoyed dinner and dance on the cruise ship at NUCON 2011, so much so that for NUCON 2012 the Group recommended meeting either at Chicago or cities along Mississippi river, to enjoy similar experience next year while making it more convenient for West Coast attendees.

NUCON 2011 Highlights

Inaugural Sessions – Welcome Address and Keynote Speech

The conference was inaugurated by Udayan Mandavia, President and CEO of iPatientCare. As Mandavia commented in his welcome address, “Growth at iPatientCare, recruitment at all levels, acceptance of iPatientCare within primary and specialty care and an increased number of users was correctly anticipated last year and has occurred. It is a time to celebrate this business performance with our users and partners. However, the focus of NUCON 2011 will remain on you and your needs, concerns and vision to take iPatientCare forward.”

According to John Bartley, MD, Chief Medical Director of iPatientCare, “The real hero of our last year is Kedar Mehta, CTO of iPatientCare, as he has ramped the product and its modules up in all directions and achieved countless integrations with third-party products to evolve a total business solution for small and medium-sized physicians' offices."

In maintaining the program focus, NUCON 2011 followed the addresses of Mr. Mandavia and Dr. Bartley with a wonderfully informative and engaging keynote session “Hidden Risks in EMR Implementation" delivered by Michael J. Schoppmann, Esq.


US Healthcare reforms seem to be at the center stage of our Nation’s reforms agenda. iPatientCare believes in staying focused on innovations in healthcare technology solutions that incorporate ever changing and constantly evolving legislative mandates, administrative simplifications, Accountable Care, Meaningful Use, Patient Centric Medical Home, Clinical Vocabularies, Security and Usability initiatives, and many such topics of national interest that touch and potentially shape tomorrow’s ambulatory care. Physicians, Office Managers, IT Managers, and all others within the physicians’ offices who contribute to typical workflow, such as -registration/discharge, appointment scheduling, checking eligibility of patients, interacting with managed care organizations, coordinating labs and prescriptions/refills, patient correspondence & communications, billing & accounts receivable, and clinical decision-making & compliance - need to understand the impact of the much discussed healthcare reforms.

NUCON 2011 provided four general education sessions, namely:

  • Keynote address “Hidden Risks in EMR Implementation”, delivered by Michael J. Schoppmann, Esq.
  • A panel discussion on “Accountable Care Organizations and iPatientCare HIE”, lead by Alan Gilbert, Axis Health Systems.
  • A panel discussion on “Meaningful Use: Agenda for Stage-1 and beyond” eloquently delivered by Sandy Rosenbluth and James Tierney
  • A panel discussion on “Accountability of Care and IT Security”, debated by Scott Warchech, Netgain Technologies; Frank Hill, StreamlineMD, and Michael Storms, McLeod Medical Center.

Interactive Breakout Sessions

NUCON 2011 additionally hosted numerous breakout sessions on iPatientCare EHR templates, order sets, decision support, administration and setup, iPatientCare Practice Management case studies, solutions for Rural Health Centers (RHC) and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC), and integrated third-party solutions.

The conference allowed end users and channel partners of iPatientCare to learn even more about the company and its solutions while enjoying a variety of networking opportunities.

Numerous one-on-one meetings with iPatientCare engineers and implementation specialists provided a unique opportunity to all attendees to discuss their needs for software enhancements, training and integrations. NUCON 2011 also had the highest participation from Channel Partners, who constitute an important part of iPatientCare community.


One of the centers of attraction of the conference was the Gala Welcome Dinner and Cocktails on the Cruise on 11/11/11! And, additionally, we also hosted a Cocktail Reception on the following evening. These liesurely settings provided excellent opportunities for people to relax and network with each other.

Attendees also enjoyed participating in the iPatientCare Quiz conducted by Jamison Miller, Application Specialist, positioning teams of audience members against each other in friendly competition. Our congratulations go out those that won one of many gifts incl. an Apple iPad raffled off at the quiz.


Like every year, there was an Exhibition of cutting edge technologies that get either embedded or integrated with iPatientCare to make iPatientCare a unique technology platform instead of an ordinary software product! Numerous iPatientCare partners who exhibited here represented Clearing Houses, Computers & Networking Service Providers, Medical Devices Manufacturers, Decision Support Content Providers.

Voice of the Attendees

Here is what some of the attendees had to say about the experience at the NUCON 2011.

  • “NUCON 2011 was the best among all that I have participated in” said Owen Rosenberg, Kids Care Pediatric, Florida.
  • “I just wanted to thank iPatientCare again for putting on such a great show. I look forward to working on the one for next year” said Jeffrey Topfer, Primedx Solutions, New York.
  • “We want to congratulate the iPatientCare team for a very successful 2011 User Conference,” remarked David Berlad of Easy Pay Solutions. “It was very well organized, and everyone was very helpful. We really appreciate being a part of this great event and are already looking forward to NUCON 2012.”

Roads Ahead

NUCON 2011 concluded with a sneak preview and an opportunity to understand, discuss, brain-storm, and learn the enhanced version of iPatientCare EHR | PMS | Patient Portal | Health Information Exchange | Reporting & Analytics | Mobile Solutions, scheduled to be released by the first of the new eventful year – 2012. Collectively known as iPatientCare R12 version, the preview included how nearly 400 product enhancements will be released in that version encompassing HIPAA 5010, ICD-10, enhanced decision support and order sets and many other features. Its Web 2.0 look and feel was extremely well received and left iPatientCare users and partners excited about the engineering excellence of iPatientCare team. As always, we welcome your suggestions and thoughts on enhancing the product and taking iPatientCare to the new heights.


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