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iPatientCare's annual National User Conference (NUCON) 2018 finished with an awesome display and wonderful foresight among the participants! Since iPatientCare has demonstrated itself as an idea pioneer inside of the Healthcare IT area. NUCON takes an activity in further bracing its leadership position in deciding propensities and giving instruction on topical occasions. We are appreciative to our participants, speakers, and exhibitor/patrons for making the occasion a gigantic achievement like each year! We appear to be identical backing in up and coming NUCONs, VUCONs and MACRA eLearning sessions.

Conference Theme

“Reducing the burden on care providers”

NUCON 2018 Highlights

iPatientCare’s National User Conference was a jam-packed house by the Physicians, nurses, Practice managers, billers, Office managers and other practice staff from all over the country who learned about the iPatientCare products, which was hosted in MGM Grand Casino Hotel, Detroit and was also accessible on any web browser, any mobile device of any size and operating system, and anywhere in the world. This year, the special attraction of the conference was the informative sessions on understanding Value based Care, MACRA/MIPS, PCMH, Telehealth/Remote Patient Monitoring, and specialty-focused implementations. All iPatientCare users and exhibitors/sponsors attended these sessions and had very lively interaction with the speakers.

Interactive user recommendation Sessions

The interactive user recommendation session started off around 3:30 pm on October 12 between iPatientCare clients and panelists. The physicians were divided in small groups and were asked to share their feedback, express their ideas in improving a particular feature or recommending on getting a whole new feature. While other group of physicians provided with the solutions which they were already using in their practice. Overall this session ended with an adherence to fulfill iPatientCare clients’ all suggestions thus making the bondage stronger.


iPatientCare EHR and PMS had set a scale by meeting the ongoing requirements of the US healthcare reforms. The system had witnessed remarkable deviations and the enhanced instinctive solutions which made it easier for the providers to measure and act on their clinical and business outcomes. The educational sessions were designed, keeping in mind the evolving healthcare curve. The attendees were addressed by the experts and highlighted the evolution of iPatientCare EHR, PMS and RCM services and how it helped the providers to prepare for the new era of healthcare, including MACRA: MIPS and APM. This educated the attendees to strategize and tackle critical health reform initiatives.


Celebration was an intrinsic part of the iPatientCare NUCON. While spreading the information about iPatientCare product suite, the event also managed to rejoice successful relationships.

The finale of this event consisted of the game – iPatientCare Jeopardy and Lucky Draw (conducted by the Entertainment Committee at iPatientCare) where exciting prizes were given away, before heading towards the Cocktail Reception Dance with DJ over the drinks, appetizers, and dinner. And on the next day all the attendees gathered on cruise over Detroit River for a brunch, enjoying drinks and sumptuous food. It was a perfect plan to spend time with family and other NUCON attendees.


And the Good News is iPatientCare’s Virtual Portal will be accessible to all the users throughout the year for sharing ideas, learning and collaborating with industry veterans and get in touch with the exhibitors available at the booths.

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