All Users of iPatientCare Revenue Cycle Management Found Constant Improvement in their Revenue Cycle

iPatientCare, Inc., a pioneer in mHealth and cloud-based ambulatory EHR and integrated practice management solutions, received an overwhelming response on the performance of iPatientCare Revenue Cycle Management services from all the providers who recently migrated from technology-only model to value based RCM services. They have started observing decreasing rejection ratio and enhanced billing cycle as a result.

Focusing on iPatientCare’s clear vision and based on the observations of financial advisors and analysts, the company has developed its strategy to promote value-added services of RCM/Billing and Quality Improvement Consulting which are extremely intriguing and worth observing.

Medical practices who have recently switched to iPatientCare RCM services after essentially low rates, just 3.9% of monthly collections, has proved to be a wonderful change altogether. Charging base expense, reduced days in A/R, 360 degree perspective of practice money related execution utilizing iPatientCare dashboards and reports, enhanced denial resolution and maximized cash flows, in addition to the astounding EHR and integrated products and services for nothing, all the practices seem to be very much astonished with the output they have received in these initial months itself.

“We use iPatientCare for medical billing. They are reliable, the staff is knowledgeable, and they help in addressing the day-to-day bill and receiving issues we all face in practice. The staff is very efficient, responsible and courteous, their attention to detail is good. Our account receivables have remained manageable and their integrated software has helped us to keep track of money owed by payers and patients when they come to see us at the office.” – K. Ramesh Reddy, MD

“iPatientCare has succeeded due to its user-friendly and functionally the best EHR and integrated Practice Management, Patient Portal and Secure Direct Address for e-referrals which are needed as a base technology for the MU Stage 2. Add top-notch billing expertise, vibrant back-office working 24 x 5, and KPI dashboard and numerous reports… and you have got the best RCM services at the most cost-effective rates,” pitched Arnaz Bharucha, Senior Technology Officer, iPatientCare.

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