Riverside Medical Associates, a Rural Health Clinic based at Michigan, Receives ICD-10 Reimbursement Through iPatientCare EHR and Practice Management/Billing System

iPatientCare Announced Riverside Medical Associates, Michigan, Receiving the ICD-10 Reimbursement using iPatientCare’s Cloud-based EHR and Institutional Billing System

iPatientCare, Inc., a pioneer in mHealth and cloud-based ambulatory EHR and integrated Institutional Practice Management System for Rural Health Clinics (RHC), announced today that Riverside Medical Associates has received the first reimbursement against ICD-10 coded claims using iPatientCare’s ICD-10 Ready EHR and PM System.

Located in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, Riverside Medical Associates is a Rural Health Clinic and their highly experienced providers deliver the best medical care in the Sault Ste. Marie area. Riverside specializes in providing all patients with a family practice, including obstetrics, pediatrics, geriatrics, and general medicine.

Udayan Mandavia, CEO/President, iPatientCare, commented cheerfully, “We were prepared with our dual-coding EHR and PM System even last year but the deadline for implementing ICD-10 was pushed to October 1, 2015. We were prepared better this year with our approach of highly empowered Task-Force which worked very closely with each of our practice/RHC in ensuring that they had learned the new coding system, migrated their data to ICD-10, utilized the system’s dual coding feature all through the year, and performed rigorous end-to-end testing. Riverside Medical Associates are fairly large and reputed Rural Health Clinic in Michigan and our long-term customers. We are extremely happy to announce that they win the honour of being the very first recipient of the payment against ICD-10 coded claims.”

“iPatientCare’s intelligent mapping and migration utilities from ICD-9 to ICD-10, the dual-coding system made available early enough to get familiar, numerous training Webcasts and documentation, and the agile support all through the final days made it easy for us to prepare for using EHR, charge capture, claims and posting payment. In less than two days of beginning the process with the help from iPatientCare, we are the recipient of payment against our ICD-10 coded claims,” remarked Delinda from Riverside Medical Associates. “While the ICD-10 coding helps improve quality of patient care in multiple ways, efficient and user-friendly iPatientCare EHR and institutional billing solution with UB-04 claims capabilities and their friendly and helping people always ready to go out of the way and help us, more than makes up for the investment (of time and money) by allowing to stay on top of such industry-wide challenges and also the Meaningful Use reporting and receiving incentives much easier to come by.”

Tejhas Vyass and Suhag Pandya, who spear headed the ICD-10 implementation task force at iPatientCare were overjoyed and shared more good news saying, “Several other iPatientCare EHR and PM users are far into the process of receiving payment using our ICD-10 coding system. However, we congratulate Riverside Medical Associates for being the first recipient of the payment and convey great luck to many others whose payments are seen on the clearing house but not yet received in our PM System!”

iPatientCare EHR and PM System for both professional (CMS-1500) and institutional (UB-04) billing is ready and all set to function as one of the pioneering ICD-10 compliant unified, cloud based system. iPatientCare plans to host a special session for its valued customers to share their experiences with ICD-10 at its upcoming National User Conference (NUCON), November 6-7, 2015.

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