iPatientCare and Best Practices Academy Partner for Creating the Future of Chiropractic Care

iPatientCare EHR and Revenue Cycle Management Services implemented by Best Practices Academy is a Strategic Game Changer for Chiropractic Physicians in United States of America.

iPatientCare, Inc., a pioneer in cloud-based ambulatory EHR/ Practice Management System and Value-Added Revenue Cycle Management Services, announced today its strategic partnership with Best Practices Academy for “Creating the Future of Chiropractic Care” within the United States of America.

Best Practices Academy evolved as a clinical improvement program within Chiropractic Associates ten years ago, which transformed into an organization of its own since the inception of the Affordable Care Act. Best Practices Academy is founded with the singular focus of the future of Chiropractic Care.

Scott Munsterman, DC, FICC and CEO of Best Practices Academy articulated his vision as “Providing focused leadership to equip value-based practices and improve clinical outcomes.” He further added, “We have a track-record of providing robust delivery of clinical training and quality improvement programs to chiropractic practices. Clinical practices must migrate from a fee-for-service to a value-based system, and hence, our mission is to make a difference for patients seeking Chiropractic care and for the Chiropractic profession as well. We want to help our members grow their practice through our Value-Based Practice System, improving clinical excellence and participation in lifelong learning and professional collaboration.”

“It is iPatientCare’s mission to help healthcare providers reduce costs and improve outcomes by delivering technology solutions that lend to population health management, data analytics, and revenue cycle enhancements. Best Practices Academy under Dr. Munsterman’s experienced leadership is a perfect strategic match for iPatientCare to create the best future for Chiropractic care within the United States jointly,” said Udayan Mandavia, CEO/President, iPatientCare.

Best Practices Academy’s Value-based Practice System consists of five key areas, namely, practice growth, financial health, risk management, practice recognition, and care coordination. “We look forward to integrating iPatientCare EHR and its value-added Revenue Cycle Management services with our services and achieve our mission of empowering our members by implementing and equipping value-based practices, leading to improved clinical outcomes for patients,” concluded Dr. Munsterman.

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