iPatientCare and Easy Pay Conclude the Survey with an Announcement of the Winner of iPad Mini

iPatientCare, Inc., a pioneer in mHealth and cloud-based ambulatory EHR and integrated practice management solutions, announced the winner of a survey which was recently conducted among the iPatientCare users.

The theme of the survey was based on how the medical practices take care of their patient’s payments, understanding different financial policies followed at different places, etc. which will ultimately make the administrators understand whether the patient payment process in their practices are modern or not. Easy pay provides the necessary tools which if implemented in integration with iPatientCare EHR by the medical offices, will modernize the patient payments to a great extent.


It is possible in modern healthcare to construct a patient payment process that keeps your patients informed and invites them to happily pay their bills on time. Some of the benefits of constructing such a process include happy patients, fewer complaints, lower staff stress, increased on-time payments, lower outstanding receivables, and less bad-debt. With a view of making people at the medical offices realize the importance of an effective patient payment experience Easy Pay and iPatientCare designed an innovative survey and conducted a series of campaigns over which they received an overwhelming response from many of their clients.

“Easy Pay was very glad to partner with iPatientCare to learn how practices are handling patient balances. We received 146 responses to our survey. We found that 72% of practices who responded do not have a Modern Patient Payments Process and may be losing significant patient dollars to write offs and bad debt. We were left to wonder why so many practices have chosen not to update their processes when iPatientCare makes it so easy,” said Jim Turner, Vice President-Marketing at Easy Pay Solutions.

“iPatientCare is glad to have Easy Pay Solutions as one of the partner for providing payment gateway solutions to our users. Their integrated services will benefit our users to reduce bad debts and have lower collection expenses,” said Pranav Patel, General Manager, iPatientCare.

The survey received a humongous response, and the results indicate that only 28% of practices have taken necessary steps to create a modern patient payment process. Out of all the responses, C. Verl Woolsey, PA at Capital Heart Associates, P.C. was randomly announced as a winner and was presented an iPad mini for taking part in the survey.

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