iPatientCare Announces Clinically-driven Revenue Cycle Management Service

iPatientCare RCM service, a One-stop solution that enables physicians’ office to manage revenue in an integrated way across the enterprise, is now available. iPatientCare Offers Meaningful Use certified EHR and integrated Billing System for ZERO Dollar with Revenue Cycle Management Service at JUST 3.9% of monthly collected revenue.

iPatientCare announced today to take its commitment to provide Meaningful Use certified EHR and integrated Billing System for ZERO Dollar to those physicians’ offices that find in-office billing burdensome, straining their time, money, and resources, and hence, prefer to utilize the services of billing experts for handling complete Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services as back-office operations directly through the iPatientCare application.

“iPatientCare has been leading transformation of the US healthcare industry by implementing its awards winning ambulatory EHR at physicians’ offices for more than a decade. It’s the time professional and institutional billing for physicians’ offices and Rural Health Clinics (RHC) get transformed by extending the EHR to facilitate clinically-driven Revenue Cycle Management (RCM),” said Udayan Mandavia, President/CEO, iPatientCare, Inc.

He further added, “Physicians’ offices/RHC may utilize iPatientCare’s billing services at 3.9% of monthly collected revenue, compared to some external billing services charging from 5% to as much as 12% of monthly collections. This option will ensure their compliance to Meaningful Use, help them collect Federal Stimulus incentives, and focus on clinical best practices, as being promoted by the ongoing healthcare reforms in our country.”

Sunil Bagtani, General Manager, Marketing/Sales (RCM) elaborated,” iPatientCare RCM services range from filing claims electronically all the way up to full practice management involving the posting of payments received from insurance companies, filing claims with secondary/tertiary insurances, and billing patients for any remaining balance after insurance has paid its share. iPatientCare also offers its clients the benefit of monthly practice management reports that aid providers in making critical business decisions affecting the practice.&rdquo

“Sending the claims out has never been a tough task for any practices, but we specialize in increasing the first pass acceptance ratio. Our highly trained professionals coupled with the claims scrubbing engine take care of getting the claims paid in first submission. It is a range of services where superior technology plays a focal role, and that is what precisely differentiates iPatientCare from the rest” was the comment from confident Kedar Mehta, CTO, iPatientCare.

iPatientCare RCM is an end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management Solution that enables healthcare providers focus on their core competencies and leave billing through collections to iPatientCare.

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