iPatientCare Announces the Successful Implementation of the Practice Management System at ABC Pediatrics

ABC Pediatrics switched over to iPatientCare’s Practice Management System as an add-on to iPatientCare’s EHR


iPatientCare, a pioneer in cloud-based ambulatory EHR and Revenue Cycle Management services, announced today successful implementation of Practice Management System at ABC Pediatrics, which had already adopted to iPatientCare EHR way back in 2010.

ABC Pediatrics has been providing personalized care to improve well-being and quality of life of pediatric patients and the families rearing them. Meeting their expansion requirement, they were looking for a medical practice management software that can contribute to smooth practice operation and fulfill their commitment towards patients obtaining and maintaining optimal health along with delivering prompt and efficient medical care that meets the highest standards.

ABC Pediatric loves iPatientCare EHR as a product and the support and rates them as the best in the industry. iPatientCare EHR is admired because of its ease-of-use, customizable workflow, preloaded specialty templates, prompt support, and the fact that it stays up-to-date with constantly changing industry standards. ABC preferred an integrated solution over an interfaced once, and hence, selected iPatientCare’s Practice Management System which is a true Web based physician practice management system allowing access to outside billing agency, is highly functional and provides rich user experience, and provides seamless integration with clearing house EDI for unlimited claims and payments.

“We are using iPatientCare EHR since 2010 and can confidently affirm that it has performed exceptionally well and helped us a lot to provide our patients best possible healthcare services. iPatientCare has impressed us with its ability to utilize cutting edge technologies to develop the health IT applications, such as, Electronic Health Record and Practice Management System that is simple to use and yield very effective results,” said Kim O’Brian, Billing Manager at ABC Pediatrics.

“We are delighted to have ABC Pediatrics using our Practice Management System. It is our mission to help healthcare providers reduce costs and improve outcomes by delivering technology solutions. iPatientCare has succeeded due to its user-friendly and functionally the best EHR with top-notch health IT solutions, vibrant back-office working 24 x 5, KPI dashboard and numerous reports and also the best RCM services at the most cost-effective rates.” said Nehal Ramani, Manager (Sales/Marketing), iPatientCare.

iPatientCare plans on publishing a Case Study on this and other Pediatric implementations and present it to other users at its upcoming National User Conference on October 21, 2016. Esteemed providers, office manager, and other users at ABC Pediatrics shall also be around to discuss their experience with iPatientCare technology and services.

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