iPatientCare Announcing the Special eLearning Series to be Conducted Throughout the Year 2017 for MACRA

iPatientCare team will conduct multiple eLearning Series throughout the year 2017 to share the up to date knowledge about MACRA with the healthcare professionals

ipatientcare-announcing-the-special-elearning-series-to-be-conducted-throughout-the-year-2017-for-macraiPatientCare, a pioneer in cloud-based ambulatory EHR and Revenue Cycle Management services, announcing the regular monthly Educational Sessions of MACRA in order to educate the Healthcare professionals about this important topic.

CMS has many updates coming up regularly for the MACRA. The topic being prominent, requires a continuous study of the extensive materials published over the web, to analyze the technical terms, understand the measures, refer the adjacent information and then to come up with the final meaning.

In order to simplify the knowledge dissemination for the Healthcare professionals, iPatientCare has initiated a noble cause to educate the healthcare professionals with the MACRA. In year 2017, iPatientCare has planned to invest their time and resources to study the topic and to represent it with a simple meaning in front of the iPatientCare users in various informative ways. And because iPatientCare believes in “Sharing Knowledge and Growing Together”, the monthly eLearning Series will also be available for all the practices, providers and all healthcare professionals.

“iPatientCare has always walked an extra mile in order to help their clients, but by learning from the past experiences and by remembering the scenarios of ICD-10 transitions, we at iPatientCare team have come up with this decision to redistribute the knowledge we receive regarding the MACRA to iPatientCare users and with all healthcare professionals. We will be happy to serve all the practices and providers by behaving as the filter and to share the information of MACRA,” Arnaz Bharucha, Senior Technical Officer, iPatientCare.

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