iPatientCare EHR Adds More Features for Pediatric Specialty

iPatientCare Enhances Its Support to Pediatricians by Offering More Templates and Streamlined Workflow

iPatientCare, Inc., a pioneer in mHealth and cloud based ambulatory EHR, announced the enhanced EHR, Practice Management, and Patient Portal releases that address the specific needs of Pediatric specialty.

Most Pediatricians demand for an EHR and PM System that is designed for their specialty and not a generic EHR offering few customized templates and features demanding numerous clicks! Understanding the value of productivity and functionality for the pediatric specialty requires understanding of pediatric practice’s workflow and their specialty-specific needs. Involving specialists in the EHR revolution, especially those who are focused on children, is a challenging task. iPatientCare being the leader in enhancing EHR technology and services for pediatricians, recently announced Pediatric specialty-focused feature-rich EHR, integrated Practice Management and Patient Portal systems.

“iPatientCare EHR has been designed for Pediatricians. This fact is proven by the number of awards and recognitions won by iPatientCare for its pediatric specialty-focused features, templates, and customizable workflow. Our support for Immunizations, Growth Charts, Pediatric Dosage, Clinical Decision Support, Well-Child Examination templates, School Absence and Camp forms, and Meaningful Use and Patient-Centric Medical Home.”, Commented Sean Pandya, Sr. Clinical Specialist, iPatientCare.

Emmanuel Biabene, Office Manager, La Canada Pediatrics, NV, has been very appreciative of iPatientCare support to Abbas Kingo, MD. “We do have many different EHR systems in our city, butiPatientCare has been one of the best based on the variety of our everyday routine, we needed an EHR system that answers our needs of data capturing while seeing patients. We are very happy to work with iPatientCare because it allows us the freedom to do what we want to do. We are able to see more patients, easily document patient visits, and access medical records along with diagnostic data at the point of care. We also appreciate different e-learning events, such as, User Conferences and Online Forum,” said Mr. Biabene. As part of its commitment to Pediatricians, iPatientCare plans to launch a portal for pediatric specialty-focused community that facilitates content, communications, collaboration and commerce by early 2015.

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