iPatientCare EHR and Revenue Cycle Management Is Favorite Among Medical Offices Switching EHRs

iPatientCare’s Clinically-driven Billing Services Help Ambulatory Practices in Switching EHRs

iPatientCare, Inc., a pioneer in mHealth and cloud-based ambulatory EHR and integrated practice management solutions, announces a record number of conversions from technology-only subscription model to value-added billing/RCM services with free technology model beginning 2015.

Electronic records (EHR/EMR) changed the way a medical practice provides care to its patients. The technology-assisted services, such as, appointment scheduling, eligibility verification, electronic prescribing/refills, workflow, clinical templates, integrated lab/test results etc. have enabled most medical practices to provide better and faster care to their patients.

However, some of the challenges faced by medical practices with their existing EHR that fails to get certified for Meaningful Use Stage 2 or 3, is not too far in future. Such an EHR gets clumsier and less-user-friendly due to the inclusion of new features, which get acquired or stop growing their products/services.

“iPatientCare has succeeded due to its user-friendly and functionally the best EHR and integrated Practice Management, Patient Portal and Secure Direct Address for e-referrals which are needed as a base technology for the MU Stage 2. Add top-notch billing expertise, vibrant back-office working 24 x 5, and KPI dashboard and numerous reports… and you have got the best RCM services at the most cost-effective rates,” pitched Arnaz Bharucha, Senior Technology Officer, iPatientCare.

“Medical practices looking to switch their EHR heard what iPatientCare had to offer. Significantly low rates, 3.9% of monthly collections, as a remarkable improvement in total billing infrastructure cost, reductions in A/R days, 360 degree view of practice financial performance using iPatientCare dashboards and reports, improved denial resolution and maximized cash flows, in addition to the excellent EHR and integrated products for free”, said Shahab Shaikh, iPatientCare’s Billing Application Architect and Chief Integration Specialist.

Focusing on iPatientCare’s clear vision, an overall voice heard at company’s recent briefing to financial advisors and analysts to develop its strategies by providing value-added services of RCM/Billing and Quality Improvement Consulting which are extremely intriguing and worth observing.

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