iPatientCare EHR Tracks Patient Travel History for the Early Detection of Patients at Risk of Ebola

iPatientCare EHR Captures Foreign Visits History as part of Patient’s Medical History which Helps in Early Detection of Foreign Viral Diseases
iPatientCare, Inc., a pioneer in mHealth and cloud-based ambulatory EHR and integrated Practice Management solutions informed today about the capabilities of its EHR to track patient’s travel history which may help care providers tremendously in an early detection of patients at risk of Ebola.

iPatientCare is the first EHR among a few similar products that provides an easy capturing of patient’s travel history as part of the practice’s routine workflow. iPatientCare provides Travel History section as part of the past medical history and recommends all iPatientCare EHR users to enter appropriate information in this section. It also trains its users to read through and understand information already documented in this section. No additional effort and time are spent by its users because the way iPatientCare’s practice-friendly workflow and documentation templates are typically designed. Additionally, iPatientCare Patient Portal is also designed to alert patients to provide their travel history. iPatientCare ensures that practices train their patients to fill-up such important information and utilize iRemind, iPatientCare’s innovative messenger toolset, for reminding patients to provide this information.

“This responsible gesture would benefit everyone involved in managing a patient’s care,” said Shripal Shah, Senior Technology Officer, iPatientCare. He further added, “The fact that iPatientCare EHR has features that may provide early identification of patients who may be at risk for communicable diseases, including Ebola, is commendable. However, the important to note here that such a useful feature does not disrupt medical office’s workflow. The inherent flexibility built in the EHR design allows users to configure their workflow and templates as they prefer to implement.”

Arnaz Bharucha, Senior Technology officer, iPatientCare commented, “Being one of the top EHR vendors, iPatientCare takes Ebola threat very seriously. We consider this our ethical and social responsibility.”


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