iPatientCare EHR v2014 (2.0) receives SureScripts Certification for Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances Services

iPatientCare EHR v2014 (2.0) software is afforded certification for the Surescripts Implementation Guide v 10.6 2013-05-01, EPCS Services, and Connectivity to Surescripts through HTTPS with Basic Authentication

iPatientCare, Inc., a pioneer in mHealth and cloud-based ambulatory EHR and integrated Practice Management solutions announced today that it is now certified for the electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) services and also other prescription routing messages against the most recent ePrescribing implementation standards. With this added certification, iPatientCare prescribers would have complete end-to-end ePrescribing capabilities as part of their awards-winning, easy-to-use, Cloud-based EHR.

Electronic prescribing has high potential for improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of prescription transactions while improving the quality of patient care. Prescriptions for controlled substances were not permitted to be transmitted electronically until recently. For EPCS, particular attention from Provider organizations is required to undergo identity proofing, issuance of two-factor authentication credentials, setting of logical access control to EPCS applications, and their EHR with EPCS functionality must undergo a “third-party audit”.

“Adding EPCS functionality to our own ePrescribing module within iPatientCare EHR was a project by itself because of the time and effort required for the DEA audit, implementing two-factor authentication, revalidating NEWRX, REFREQ, REFRES, STATUS, ERROR with respect to Surescripts 10.6 Routing Implementation Guide v 2013-05-01, and also validating connectivity to Surescripts through HTTPS with Basic Authentication. Achieving these goals successfully is a great achievement of iPatientCare’s engineering team.”, said Shripal Shah, Sr. Technology Officer, iPatientCare.

Udayan Mandavia, CEO, iPatientCare commented cheerfully, “Although, the NY State has postponed to implement the requirement that all prescriptions issued in the state—including those for controlled substances—be transmitted electronically until March 27, 2016, iPatientCare stands committed even today to offer complete ePrescribing capabilities including the controlled substances. We believe, this is a significant achievement of iPatientCare and that is as per its long track-record of being a high achiever and thought-leader in this space that has been persistently demanding improvement in patient care and curbing of prescription fraud and abuse.”

It is obvious that, if prescribers and pharmacies in New York are going to be able to take full advantage of the breathing room afforded by the postponement of EPCS implementation in the State of NY, all ePrescribing vendors and Provider organizations must continue to work very diligently to prepare for this somewhat delayed, but still looming, legal mandate.

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