iPatientCare, Inc. Announces Strategic Partnership with SA Ignite

iPatientCare, Inc., announces strategic partnership with SA ignite to support its EHR users in documenting, reporting and attesting to Meaningful Use (MU) measures

iPatientCare, Inc., a pioneer in mobile healthcare computing and leading EHR and integrated Practice Management and Patient Portal solutions provider announced a strategic partnership with SA Ignite, which builds innovative software solutions, streamline the Meaningful Use (MU) reporting process and automate the identification of root causes behind usage problems. The strategic partnership will speed iPatientCare EHR users in documenting, reporting and attesting to Meaningful Use (MU) measures. iPatientCare will use SA Ignite’s MU Assistant®, dubbed the “TurboTax® equivalent,” for its ability to automate clients’ MU reporting and achieve one-click electronic attestation to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

“This partnership brings our clients a technology solution that will automate the reporting, documenting and attestation of MU measures,” said Udayan Mandavia, iPatientCare President and CEO. Furthermore, he added “The MU Assistant will help guide our clients through the difficult steps of documenting and reporting MU achievement and provide a greatly simplified attestation process.The system will track our clients’ daily usage of the iPatientCare EHR, aggregate the information and provide analysis to help them predict future compliance and incorporate needed changes based on CMS regulations. The time- and labor-saving value provided by the MU Assistant’s electronic filing of our clients’ attestation documents cannot be over-estimated”

MU Assistant, a cloud-based EHR solution, automatically aggregates and monitors MU measures, even across multiple EHR deployments, and provides decision support tools such as enabling easy selection of 90-day windows (for Medicare Payment Year 1) and suggesting MU exclusions that providers may claim. The MU Assistant then electronically files iPatientCare clients’ data to the Medicare attestation website, providing a one-click attestation process.

“MU Assistant will help iPatientCare clients by automating the hundreds of error prone and time-intensive steps of translating and analyzing EHR MU reports and manually inputting the results into the CMS attestation website,” said Tom S.Lee, Ph.D., SA Ignite CEO and Founder.

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