iPatientCare Partner, TransFirst, to Bring Efficiency and Automation to Patient Payment Process

iPatientCare and TransFirst Partnered to Work Together to Solve Patient Receivables with a Fully Integrated Patient Payment Process

iPatientCare, Inc., a pioneer in mHealth and cloud based ambulatory EHR, Integrated Practice Management and Patient Portal Solutions, announced its partnership with TransFirst to provide a fully-integrated patient payment solution.

The constant flow of patient payments received in the mail is critical to healthcare business. The overwhelming volume is expensive to manage and can lead to costly payment posting and billing errors. iPatientCare has teamed up with TransFirst, which serves more than 30,000 healthcare providers, to bring automation and efficiency to Provider’s patient payment process. Through integrated payment processing system, office staff can process patient credit card payments and Credit Card Consent directly from iPatientCare PMS system. It reduces front-desk clutter as there is no need for a credit card terminal, office staff saves time in updating and balancing – as all payment processing is integrated into one system, and offers more payment options to patients – provides more choices which leads to more patient satisfaction and less attrition.

“The ease and convenience of the TransFirst integrated patient payment solution enables iPatientCare’s healthcare providers to process payments all in one place, allowing providers to collect more patient payments, get paid faster, and reduce the time and costs needed to collect,” says John Shlonsky, president and CEO of TransFirst.

“We partnered with TransFirst to work together to solve Patient Receivables with a fully integrated Patient Payment Process. Office staff can now complete credit card payment, whether swiped or key-entered, and Credit Card consent for future patient responsibility, Deductible or Co-insurance – while at the front desk within a patient’s scheduled encounter or from the Payments posting window – all without leaving the iPatientCare PMS system! In seconds, payment is authorized and patient ledger as well as daily payment reports gets updated”, said Vipul Patel, Senior Technology Officer, iPatientCare, Inc.

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