iPatientCare Selected as One of the 10 Most Promising Enterprise Software Companies by CIO Review

CIO Review Magazine names iPatientCare as part of CRTech10–A list of 10 High Value Enterprise Software Companies that Are Disrupting the Industry and Heralding a New Era for Enterprise Software.

iPatientCare, Inc., a pioneer in mHealth and cloud-based ambulatory EHR and integrated Practice Management solutions announced the inclusion of iPatientCare as one of the nation’s 10 most promising enterprise software companies by CIO Review magazine.

CIO Review, a technology magazine that talks about the innovative enterprise solutions, brings to its readers CRTech10 – a list of 10 high value enterprise software companies that are winning over CIOs and in turn driving growth for their clients. Having been closely scrutinized by a distinct panel of judges including CEOs, CIOs, CXO, analysts and CIO Review editorial board, iPatientCare is one of those names that is disrupting the industry and heralding a new era for enterprise software.

The CIO Review team said in its July 3, 2013 issue, “U.S. healthcare reforms have been focused on enhancing quality of care and reducing per capita costs to keep America competitive globally. Educating physicians and their colleagues to utilize computers at the point-of-care, while they treat their patients, is indeed a tougher bullet to bite. iPatientCare stands tall in this space because of its prestigious clientele that includes NASA Space Medicine; U.S. Army, Department of Defense; numerous hospitals and health systems; professional academies of physicians; numerous Regional Extension Centers; and more than 25,000 physicians and their colleagues using iPatientCare for more than a decade.”

In his interview to CIO Review, iPatientCare, Inc’s. President/CEO, Udayan Mandavia interviewed said, “iPatientCare has emerged as one of the visionaries of the U.S. healthcare IT products and solutions market place. At the core of iPatientCare”s outstanding success is its software engineering excellence and high quality of services/support. Few other facts that matter the most to physicians, namely, (a) availability of cloud-based EHR and practice solution on iPads and iPhones, (b) no upfront fees and restrictive, fixed length contracts, (c) affordable monthly subscription fee on a pay-per-use model, and (d) excellent implementation, training, and ongoing support, on almost 24×6 basis. iPatientCare has delivered on all fronts to truly delight its customers.”

“The R&D team at iPatientCare clearly understands that the medical community is always evolving, which is why iPatientCare continually enhances its product suite to meet these demands and keep the practices in compliance with the new standards. Because of their technical expertise and industry foresight, iPatientCare has catapulted into the major league in the industry.”, concluded the CIO Review team.

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