iPatientCare Updates iPad EHR App, Addresses Demand of Mobile Health Care Providers

iPatientCare EHR on Native iPad Comes Afresh on the App Store as a Prominent Innovative EHR Solution for iOS Physician Users

iPatientCare, Inc., a pioneer in mHealth and cloud based ambulatory EHR, Integrated Practice Management and Patient Portal Solutions announced updated version of its native iPad EHR app miPatientCare comes afresh on the App Store now.

iPad use in healthcare is rising rapidly. The latest in a long line of mobility innovations from iPatientCare, miPatientCare breaks new ground in its intuitive interface, which allows for ease of use with virtually no training, translating into a better physician experience. iPatientCare, a leading EHR vendor is expanding its mobility efforts, introducing an updated version of its miPatientCare nativeiPad EHR app, focused on streamlined workflow and quick access to information.

Kedar Mehta, Chief Technology officer, iPatientCare said that the app helps “Create more of an interactive experience with the patients than with a desktop computer in the exam room.”

Further highlighting the key features of the App, he stated, “While iPatientCare iPad EHR App “miPatientCare” 1.0 was more for physician reference, the newly released version 2.0 for the iPatientCare EHR adds data-entry capabilities, including clinical documentation, ePrescribing with options to add current medications, allergies and problems interaction management, clinical order set and decision support, flow sheet, synchronization of clinical templates and most importantly it is iOS 7 ready iPad EHR app available on the App Store.”

“iPatientCare has always strived to make accurate, timely information available as close as possible to where critical patient-care decisions are made. The idea behind iPatientCare iPad app “miPatientCare” is to offer fast, easy access to the EHR features that clinicians use most; our native iPad application delivers up-to-date tablet technology with a redesigned user experience into the hands of clinicians”, said Udayan Mandavia, President/CEO, iPatientCare.

miPatientCare is available for users of iPatientCare Electronic Health Records. Users simply need to download the app from iTunes and install the necessary components from iPatientCare. No on-site training is required. Interested people also can download the app to see features and functionality of the app. To download miPatientCare now, click here.

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