iPatientCare’s New Location in California Finds Success

Earlier this year, an innovative, healthcare-focused IT Company from New Jersey opened a new location in Los Angeles to better serve its clients located there. This has led to much success for the organization, which specializes in patient-centric information architecture.

iPatientCare, Inc., an expert in healthcare IT systems and electronic health records software, has been operating on the East Coast since 1994. Earlier this year, the company opened a new location in Los Angeles to better satisfy the needs of its growing clientele on the West Coast and to capture even more of the national market.

Since the location’s inception in March, many clients have found themselves satisfied with iPatientCare and the services it provides. Such customers include Dr. Ruben S. Casabar with the Clinica Familia De Los Latinos, Dr. Bob Elliott, MD with A Diop Family Care Medical Group, Dr. Saleem A. Desai, MD with Machicado and Desai MDs, Dr. Manoochehr Zarrabi, MD with Medical Clinic, and Westwind Women’s Service, all of which are located in California.

Considered a pioneer in mobile healthcare computing and wearable health technology, iPatientCare is known for its ability to integrate electronic health records, patient portal and mobile solutions into a single Web-based platform Unified System. iPatientCare has provided assistance to a variety of segments from the healthcare industry including emergency, home health, acute/sub-acute, and ambulatory.
The new office in Los Angeles has already allowed iPatientCare to strengthen the efficiency and organization of a number of clients and more customers are requesting assistance from iPatientCare on a regular basis.

“iPatientCare’s customer base is steadily increasing on the West Coast, and hence, we wanted to ensure better and more focused support to our customers based in this region,” said company President and CEO Udayana Mandavia. The company’s decision to open a new location underscores its dedication to making the healthcare industry more efficient.

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