iPatientCare’s Patient Engagement Suite Gets Wide Reception at HIMSS15

iPatientCare Brought Enhanced Patient Experience of Self-Service Check-in at Physicians’ Offices by Deploying Patient Kiosk at HIMSS15

iPatientCare, Inc., a pioneer in mHealth and cloud based ambulatory EHR, Integrated Practice Management and Patient Portal Solutions, today announced wide reception of its Patient Engagement product suite including the patient portal, mHealth apps, wearable devices, remote patient monitoring, and self-service check-in kiosk HIMSS15.

Speaking at iPatientCare booth on “Beyond Meaningful Use”, Shahid Shah, a healthcare futurist and innovator said, “Although MU includes a push towards engaging patients, most providers need help from technology vendors. Practicing medicine and patient care demand priorities be assigned to charting, ePrescribing, scheduling, charge capture and revenue cycle management.”

Adding to Shahid’s comments, Kedar Mehta, CTO, iPatientCare said, “MU envisions quality improvement through discrete data, interoperability and patient engagement. All of these require a framework of advance technologies in place, namely, cloud computing, mobile and wearable devices, interoperability, integration with medical devices, which are secure and easy-to-use at the point-of-care. iPatientCare’s technology combines all these pieces to offer a seamless, scalable and affordable platform to healthcare providers to choose what they need and improve outcomes, reduce costs, meaningfully!”

iPatientCare demonstrated its Patient Engagement suite at HIMSS15. Among the products most attracted the attendees were the mHealth apps, Google Glass, Android ware watch, and Patient Self Check-in Kiosk. “Using our Patient Kiosk solution, patients can not only check-in easily but also sign the consent forms, pay their balance and co-pay, and scan driver’s license and insurance cards… all electronically! The customizable Patient Kiosk integrated with iPatientCare EHR/PM and Patient Portal streamlines the patient check-in process and enhances productivity of doctors’ offices,” commented Nehal Ramani, Marketing/Sales Specialist, iPatientCare.

Healthcare providers-hospitals and practices, healthcare IT solution providers, attendees and exhibitors at HIMSS15 appreciated and enjoyed visiting iPatientCare’s booth, showcasing innovative gadgets and kiosk.

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