SOFTPRO’s SignDoc Electronic Signature Software Is Now Fully Integrated in iPatientCare’s Electronic Health Record Solution (EHR)

iPatientCare EHR users can apply a biometric handwritten esignature to consent forms and other documents for a 100% paper-free process. Everyone in the office can esign: doctors, nurses, assistants, and patients.

SOFTPRO N.A. announces that iPatientCare has esignature-enabled its Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution by integrating SignDoc, the company’s electronic signature software. As of today, iPatientCare EHR (version 10.8) users can capture a biometric handwritten electronic signature using the Wacom STU-500 signature pad. In addition to reducing their paper consumption, iPatientCare users can streamline approval processes, protect documents against post-signature manipulation, and fully leverage their EHR software investment by keeping processes digital. For a demo of the integrated iPatientCare solution, please visit SOFTPRO at HIMSS 2013, booth 5854.

“By offering a plug-and-play esignature option within its EHR software, iPatientCare is providing tremendous added-value,” explains Rodney G. Vesling, President and General Manager at SOFTPRO N.A. “Users can quickly adopt the use of electronic signature technology without having to go through the testing and integration process themselves.”

iPatientCare’s full-featured EHR serves the needs of everyone in the office, including physicians, physician assistants, nurse professionals and practitioners, medical assistants, managed care, front-office staff, billing staff, and even patients. Designed using Microsoft .net framework, iPatientCare EHR scales up all the way from solo physicians practices to offices having more than 200 physicians, multiple locations, and serving multiple specialties.

“Our clients have welcomed the addition of electronic signature functionality within iPatientCare for a number of reasons,” explains Sunil Bhagtani, VP Business Development with iPatientCare. “They can eliminate the need to manage a paper trail. They can offer their patients easy and efficient processes. And, our customers can ensure that all relevant information is kept in one central location.”

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