Northern Physicians Organization

Benefits for community and providers

  • Efficiently track the care of complex patients
  • View patient appointments outside your organization
  • Patient info updates from all providers
  • Notifications of patient events, appointments, etc.
  • Longitudinal patient history views
  • Treat patients with more comprehensive clinical information
  • Community-based patient record
  • Simplified communication with care team
  • Manage and measure throughput of shared population

Northern Physicians Organization is a physician organization with more than 500 members based in Traverse City, Michigan that provides numerous services to its members such as PCMH implementation, LEAN training, and HIE/interoperability services. Through our partnership with eMedApps, we also offer a software solution to healthcare networks (Community Health Cloud).


Community Health Cloud provides ACOs, HIEs, and other healthcare networks with easy, intuitive access to the patient data they need. Combining data from each provider EHR into one network view, clinical teams have access to longitudinal views, organizational management, communication, and notification tools. Accessed and managed by patients, allowing them to be in control of the authorization of access to their data.


  • Experience a community-based patient record with all the information your patient wishes you had in your EHR.
  • A consolidated view for physicians and care management to coordinate across practices, and consolidate medical history.
  • Patients can see their own data and manage their own consent.

Benefits for Patient

  • Tell their story only once
  • View and police their own record across organizations
  • Opt out at any time
  • Patient driven consent
  • Better coordinated care among providers
  • Combined data from each provider
  • Patient driven access, data management, and consent


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