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You may know the Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR), but did you know that PDR services are available in your EMR at no cost to you, the EMR or your patients? You can find PDR in a few places within your EMR workflow. PDR’s integrated services are quick to access, easy to use, and clinically relevant – no clutter, minimal clicks! While you’re e-prescribing, find helpful drug information tips and notes will appear onscreen. These notes keep you informed about important details related to the drug you’re prescribing, so you can make informed decisions. Notes may also alert you to savings offers or co-pay assistance programs available to your patient for the drug you’re prescribing. Then, after e-prescribing, print all the co-pay/coupon offers and educational materials that become available when they’re relevant to the therapy you just prescribed. Be sure to hand these materials to your patients at checkout.


Solution and Services: PDR’s Patient Savings Suite includes tools that help you help your patients start and stay on prescribed therapies. It is important to print the handouts and give them to your patients at checkout to ensure they take advantage of the savings offers and educational information.


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