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Practice Insight’s principals have been deeply immersed in providing services to the healthcare industry since 1977. Together they founded Practice Insight in 2003. Since then the company has grown rapidly by providing fast, secure, robust, integrated EDI solutions through its industry-leading proprietary software, EDIinsight.


Practice Insight brings the power of EDIinsight to iPatientCare through iPatientCare EDI.


More than 70,000 providers in all 50 states rely on the power of Practice Insight’s technology, which does much more than connect them to thousands of commercial and government payers to submit claims.


iPatientCare EDI also enables users to track every single claim in real-time, customize claim edits, create secondary claims, manage their claim workflow, verify patient eligibility, process electronic and printed patient statements, post patient payments through the Practice Insight portal, recover ERA accounts receivable, monitor user productivity, analyze all EDI transactions, manage their customer support, estimate patient cost before their visit and much more.


What can you do with iPatientCare EDI Claim Manager?

  • Scrub and edit claims (including custom edits and clinical claim scrubbing), send claims to the payer, and review payer responses.
  • Click on a claim to see its history and real-time status at the bottom of the screen.
  • Easily create and edit electronic secondary claims.
  • Challenge underpayments successfully before it’s too late with detailed, accessible payment and denial information.
  • Prove claims were filed on time with a “Timely Filing letter,” created with a single click.

iPatientCare EDI Eligibility Management

  • As patients continue to be responsible for a larger portion of their medical bills, your practice’s ability to determine insurance benefit details in advance has never been more important. Eligibility lets you know exactly how much you need to collect from patients.

iPatientCare EDI ERA and Denial Manager

  • With Denial Manager, all the tasks associated with receiving electronic remittances are simplified: assigning payments to the correct claim, working denials, printing EOBs, analyzing payment data, and more.
  • Using the ERA Denial Manager, you can quickly see what has been paid and denied on a transaction-by-transaction level, on a single screen. You can view transactions denied for a specific group or reason code, print an EOB for a specific claim, assign denials to staff for follow-up, and view the payment detail and allowed amount for a billed charge.

iPatientCare EDI Statement Services

  • Our Statement Manager designed to simplify the creation and printing of patient statements. A statement file is created in a Practice Manager system and uploaded into EDIinsight to be sent for printing and mailing. eStatements are becoming a popular, cost-effective solution for some patients.

PI Patient Cost Estimation Solution

  • Turn an inaccurate, painstaking and manual process into an efficient, accurate and automated one to expedite your collections workflow with our newest tool – Patient Cost Estimation!
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