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We are Qualified Registry for MIPS
for the year 2018.

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What is MIPS?

MIPS or Merit based Incentive Payment System is the new payment model under Quality Payment Program. Under MIPS, Eligible Clinicians would be scored on four Performance Categories – Quality, Cost, Improvement Activity and Advancing care Information. The aggregated score for 2017 performance year will determine the payment adjustments in 2019. The payment adjustments range from -4% to 4% in 2019. This would go as high as +-9% in 2022. Since your incentives or penalties are now directly proportional to your MIPS Score, performance matters.

Why choose iPatientCare Qualified Registry?

iPatientCare Qualified Registry offers a fast, convenient, and cost-effective online tool to collect and report quality data for MIPS. By signing up with iPatientCare Qualified Registry, all your reporting based hassles will be handled by our experts.
We have been a qualified Registry since 2014 and have 100% success rate in PQRS and Meaningful use over past years. We are qualified for a wide range of measures to support multiple specialities.
Using iPatientCare Qualified Registry is as simple as

  • Register with iPatientCare Qualified Registry
  • Choose your measures and improvement activities
  • Import data from your EHR into the iPatientCare Qualified Registry
  • Attest to performing the improvement activities
  • View your performance across all the performance category
  • Submit your measures and Improvement Activities attestation data to CMS on click of a button


iPatientCare Qualified Registry offers the following benefits:

  • Intuitive interface for data entry to minimize time and effort
  • Ability to import data using cvs, C-CDA or QRDA Category I files as an alternate to data-entry.
  • Data extraction services from your EHR
  • Automated data validation and real-time measure calculation
  • Period Feedback for quality improvement to maximize benefits
  • Ability to view progress through dashboards
  • Quality reports and analytics by provider and at group level
  • Reporting on all the MIPS Performance Category – Quality, Improvement Activities and Advancing care Information
  • Unlimited Online Training and Education
  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • Support for All specialties, and all practice sizes
  • Expert Panel of Qualified Consultants that:
    • Guide you in measure selection
    • Provide periodic feedback on your performance with suggestions for improvements
    • Complete Audit support

Supported eCQMs:

Q1-CMS122v5, Q5-CMS135v5, Q7-CMS145v5, Q8-CMS144v5, Q12-CMS143v5, Q19-CMS142v5, Q65-CMS154v5, Q66-CMS146v5, Q102-CMS129v6, Q110-CMS147v5, Q111-CMS127v5, Q112-CMS125v5, Q113-CMS130v5, Q117-CMS131v5, Q119-CMS134v5, Q128-CMS69v5, Q130-CMS68v6, Q134-CMS2v6, Q143-CMS157v5, Q204-CMS164v5, Q226-CMS138v5, Q236-CMS165v5, Q238-CMS156v5, Q317-CMS22v5, Q370-CMS159v5

Supported Quality Measures:

Click here to download Supported QPP Measures.

Advancing Care Information Performance Category:

Click here to download Advancing Care Information Objectives and Measures.
Click here to download 2017 Advancing Care Information Transition Objectives and Measures.

Improvement Activities Performance Category:

Click here to download a list of Improvement Activities.

Words from Our Clients


Timothy S. Wakefield, DC

We were looking for a one stop solution that can provide fully loaded features with an EHR program that interfaces with a practice management system, complete range of Revenue Cycle Management services, an experienced data conversion process, prompt IT services, and detailed MU monitoring and reporting. We were looking for a long-term solution to our needs of electronic healthcare and revenue cycle enhancements. We had to be confident that the system we chose was able to keep up with the changes that appear to be facing us, as it relates to: the new merit-based incentive payment system, promotion of alternative payment models, and incentive payments for participation in eligible alternative payment models. Looking at what we were searching for, it was a challenge for our practice to find a right solution. We found all we needed with iPatientCare. We were amazed to learn that iPatientCare provides high quality of revenue cycle management services along with the best technology solution. With as hard as iPatientCare has worked to be on the cutting edge of technology, we are confident that we made the right choice for the long-term benefit of our practice from the RCM point-of-view as well.

Chiropractic Health Services, Wisconsin.

Unified System

Each iPatientCare application is part of a comprehensive application suite developed ground-up by highly qualified physicians and IT professionals, which gives you, your staff and your patients a high-level of experience.
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