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iPatientCare’s OB/GYN specific EHR is designed to automate the unique clinical workflow of an Obstetrics / Gynecology practice, providing the tools and features to deliver outstanding care to patients while managing their clinical and medical information. The features in the EHR are easy to use, fully integrated with practice management systems and customized to the Obstetrics and Gynecology fields.

OB/GYN Chief Complaints:

iPatientCare provides you an extensive set of OB/GYN related chief complaints that would cover the functional area of OB/GYN specialist to include pregnancy and delivery related complaints and other OB/GYN issues. Easy documentation of patient’s visit is with a Chief Complaint and History of Present illness templates are available handy. Our system allows Patients to complete the forms within the patient portal feature before they show up in the clinic for their appointments. Hence reducing front desk tasks and allows the entire practice to run more efficiently.

Specific Medication Templates:

iPatientCare provides an extensive database of preconfigured specific pain condition related medication templates for prescription.

  • Latest Drug information available
  • Prescribe dosage and frequency in just a click
  • Facility to create customized templates for medications the physician frequently prescribes
  • Template medication eliminates potential errors while prescribing medications
  • Facility to Create frequently used individual or group medication templates

Procedural Templates:

Pre-loaded Procedural templates are available for documentation of the procedures performed that can improve accuracy and patient care in addition to increasing efficiency. The customized procedural templates allow quick and easy documentation of colposcopies, endometrial biopsies, LEEP, and other common gynecological procedures.

OB/GYN Specific Visit Note Template:

Predefined OB/GYN visit note templates available for quick and easy documentation of patient’s visit:

  • Initial Obstetric Visit Templates/Obstetric visit follow-up templates
  • Initial Gynecology Visit Templates/Gynecology visit follow-up templates
  • Preoperative and Postoperative Templates
  • Procedure Templates

Initial Evaluation Form:

iPatientCare provides Initial Evaluation Form to record any patient’s Initial Evaluation by the Obstetrics and Gynecology specialists.

Well-Woman Exam:

iPatientCare provided Well Woman Exam template which is easy to document for any OB/GYN specialty.

OB/GYN Specific Reports:

  • The system provides a functionality to define frequently used reports and add them to ‘My Favorites’, enables you to quickly access the reports next time.
  • You can customize the reports using any parameters based on the requirement of the practice

ACOG Form and other Relative Structures:

iPatientCare provides ACOG forms that enables a provider to document structures such as Contraception History, EDD Calculator, Genetic Screening, Past Delivery Detail, Past Birth Detail and many more at your fingertips and saves you time, money and headaches so that you can spend your time focusing on what you really care about… i.e. your patients.


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