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iPatientCare Orthopedic EHR is an easy to use and completely customized EHR for the Orthopedic specialty which enables them to easily chart an encounter. iPatientCare’s Orthopedic EHR provides a solution to suit needs of orthopedic Surgeons ensuring fast, efficient, reliable and quality delivery of healthcare to valued patients. It already incorporates electronic superbill and E&M coder that has been customized for the Orthopedic specialty, it can be customized to replicate your existing workflow, templates/forms to meet your Practice needs. Our intuitive and innovative solutions and focused customer services, setup implementation are ever committed to provide total solutions needed to meet the growing demand of the industry.

Chief Complaint and Order-sets:

iPatientCare provides you wide range of order-sets and related chief complaints applicable to most common conditions, such as pain management specialists to cover in their day-to-day encounters. It also enables to cover the functionality including spine related complaints.

Specific Medication Templates

iPatientCare provides an extensive database of preconfigured specific pain and orthopedic condition related medication templates for prescription.

  • Quick, easy and customizable unit values for medications available to prescribe individual patients.
  • Comprehensive documentation of patient treatment and medication protocols

Procedural Templates:

Procedural Templates enables easy documentation of office and surgical procedures these templates are designed to capture common elements of orthopedic specialty specific procedure, including informed consent, procedural elements and many more.

  • Pre-created templates to capture patient’s medical data and document patient visits.
  • Ready to use procedural templates for documentation of the patient/ provider communication and procedures performed by the orthopedic physicians such as ORIF, arthroscopic surgeries and many more.

Graphic Added Physical Exam:

iPatientCare provides unique feature to document orthopedic specific examination findings in very easy manner and quickly capture routine detailed patient information with a single click

  • Disability issue notation
  • Extensive imaging capabilities of the skeletal system
  • Interfacing capabilities with EMG and x-ray equipment
  • Permanent impairment notation capabilities

Initial Evaluation Form:

iPatientCare provides Initial Evaluation Form to record any patient’s Initial Evaluation by the pain specialist.


  • Facility to view daily, weekly or monthly report
  • Aging, Outstanding and Revenue reports
  • Customized, analytical and comparative reports
  • Facility to define frequently used reports

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